• You deserve to light up the world with your light. Yes, you. The one who sits here, reading this sentence. The one who secretly believes that they are not good enough, capable enough, or worthy enough of achieving great things. The one who wakes up in the morning, unsure of how they could possibly make a noticeable difference in this world. But you can. Why? Because you have a light, and that light is meant to burn bright. That light within you is so powerful, so beautiful, and so dazzling to all that see it. You do make a difference in this world. You do.

  • @nisanuggets Very well said. Best thing I've read in some time. Inspirational! :smiling_face::+1:

  • @Lazz, awwww thank you so much. I hope you are both salt and light. Have a great life ahead of you! 🌻❀

  • @nisanuggets For you as well. :pray::candle:

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