• Picture this scenario.

    You're out for a walk. It's the middle of nowhere in dense woodland. Maybe you're geocaching, maybe you're looking for firewood --it doesn't matter. But you notice an outcrop with a boulder that's come loose -revealing a hole measuring a metre across. Poking your body in, you see the place is pitch black with no distinguishing features whatsoever. The texture of the floor is a kind of very fine sand, the walls are a solid substance that could either be concrete or naturally-occurring rock --but they spread out from the entrance in a huge 'V' shape. There is no discernible ceiling. There is very little echo. The atmosphere is cool like the inside of a cathedral, but there's no breeze. There is no phone, internet or GPS coverage.

    Whether this is just a naturally-occurring cavern, man-made, or something supernatural --that's for you to decide.

    But here's the thing: in the distance, you see a speck of light. The perspective is such that you can't see how far away it is. Something like this:
    The question is, do you start to walk towards the light? How far do you go before giving up, assuming it doesn't get nearer or clearer? Do you go away and get a friend or friends to help you investigate? Do you report the place to the authorities, or the internet, even at the risk of some other explorer heading towards the light, and stealing your discovery?

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