• Lightning ⚡️ Light ✨ Sound 🔊

  • @crimson easy answer. Light. The speed of light is the fastest known thing to exist, and lightning is just extreme static electricity, and sound is so slow, when you break the sound barrier, you can see objects move past the noise.

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  • Your question @Crimson depends on which speed of light you mean.

    What is the medium through which these are propagating ?

    In Vacuum light rules at 186,000 miles per second , nothing Known with mass can reach or exceed it.


    Light has a slower speed in materials.
    The speed of light in water is less than c, so certain particles can exceed the speed of light in water.

    Hell, In Ultracold clouds of atoms light can be trapped & brought down to 38 MPH or even to zero.

    So,in those cases Lightning or Sound wins. :relaxed: :relaxed:

    3 things that are faster than light (FTL) that I know of ,

    • 1> Quantum Entaglement - Two electrons no matter how far away in the Entire Universe will copy each others motion .
      Quantum teleportation experiment done by the Chinese Recently had this as their basis.

    • 2> Metric expansion of the universe - Its well known that the Universe is Expanding .

    What this means is there are galaxies that are far enough away to increase faster than light can travel between them.
    Nothing is actually moving faster than light though, what actually happens is that space itself gets bigger.

    • 3> Tachyons - A theoretical particle that is able to move faster than speed of light.

    While the former two can be said to cheat to achieve FTL & thus preserves the law of Physics,the latter if possible will break Causality.Effectively erasing itself before even being born .Basically Time travel will be done.

    Perspective & Relativity matters.

    Relativity doesn't explicitly prohibit faster-than-light travel. It directly prohibits something crossing the speed of light.

    In other words , if something were to travel through space faster than light, it must always move faster than light.

  • If you are really interested there's a very interesting experiment called , Hafele–Keating experiment.

    It postulates & proves that everything in this universe moves at the same speed, just through time and distance differently

    The reason we can't go faster than the speed of light is because everything already goes at the speed of light, just through time and space separately.

  • Of course , its LIGHT and for a good practical example to determine which is faster heres an example

    When you watch fireworks , if you notice carefully we are able to view the firework first and then its sound . Hence its observable enough to say that light is faster

  • Light is fastest

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