• I wanna know why. It's been my question for so many years and I still can't find the answer 😂 Kidding.

    What's your opinion, guys? 😏


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  • @sunshinef

    Feel the answer is somewhat related to the fact that stammering ppl never... stammer? If that is even a word/verb, when they sing!

  • @mr-h oohh speech impediment... 🤔 For me it's more on psychological lol.. But I find it fascinating why Brits lose their accent lol.. They don't have speech problems 😂

  • @sunshinef

    AMG, i'm not saying british ppl are speech impaired :laughing: :joy:
    I'm just saying that the phenomenon is similar, it's like their brain "click" and poof accent gone. But i'm sure some British singers still keep their accent!

  • @mr-h yeah I get your point. Just playing with words 😂

  • @sunshinef Because they won't sell many records in America/worldwide if they sing in their own language/accent.
    The sheeple are brainwashed to listen to american accents blasting out of their radios. It's the fastest way to fill their pockets.

    For example: Everybody here loves the Belgian classics, but i bet you never heard one of them.
    Or even on a bigger scale: The whole of Asia knows who BTS is, but in Europe, we never even heard of them.
    Everybody knows who Ed Sheeran is though, worldwide.

    It's all about the money, even if they say:
    alt text

  • @sunshinef
    I wanna explain in logic way because tonight i am kinda sober 😏
    British English and American English use HELLA ENGLISH for their languages even the way British speak is different.
    Okay, we are off to the serious part, like if a lyric song said "Because a girl like you is impossible to find", this British will use "Becoz a gril like u is impossssibel to find" with their accent, could you imagine that how funny it is?
    Then another things i am concerning now,
    have you ever thought why do people in German or French neva used english in their song? 😂

    Btw, welcome back Mrs. Morf