• Freedom Writers

    Cradle me O' cradle me the grave.
    I love your claws, digging deeper in me.

    Your eyes the devils delight.
    You rip my flesh as we coincide.

    Blood soaking rain falls on me.
    As our evil starts to devour the sea.

    A hurricane filled with all of our pain.
    That beauty of yours like a sharp needle plunged deep in my veins.

    That red love of ours thick, wicked and obscure.
    We droped to our knees begging for more.

    The needle junkies hum thier songs
    of pain.Our love sending them to an early grave.

    Dont worry baby, you tell me the same.
    The lie I told you, is the lie you told me we're both to blame!

    As we choke the life from each other.
    One more evil, but not less then the other.

    As with anything, as with all.
    We must draw and end to our evil ball.

    So we look around at this new death
    we have found.Only ones left living are gaged and bound.

    No it is not like us to leave witness's around.We just wanted others to suffer in, the beauty of the sweet sin that was abound.

    As we dance with our demons rooted deep in the ground. Its apparent to all what, we have found.

    A love so true and profound.
    As we will live on forever, Sick, Twisted and Bound.