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    So the name of those brothers r sasuke and itachi .. Sasuke was itachi's younger brother..
    So , first of all a shot introduction of uchicha clan
    Uchicha is a shinobi(ninja) clan , which possess sharingun eyes . those eyes r very valuable asset for uchiha clan . but it comes with one loophole.. We will see that later.. So what's the ability of sharingun eyes.? Well its very usful to form a very strong gen jitsu .. Which mean with those eyes uchiha's can hypnotize their opponent .. And if any uchiha pushes him/her self further more then those eyes can make anything into reality whenever unchiha saw from it. Besides uchiha natural style is fire style jitsu which makes em human dragon .
    Back to story,
    Sasuka was very little .. He like to play with his brother itachi .. And itachi really care about sasuke . itachi was brilliant student of ninja academy .. Their father was really impressed by itachi and he wanna see sasuke become brilliant like itachi.. And sasuke want this too. Itachi never did training with sasuke even sasuke insisted lots of time . but itachi give him excuses . but he promised every time that next time we will do training together .. But gives excuses again n again. He smiled at sasuke n tell him to come close with signs n then tap n his forehead n say "next time sasuke".
    Btw uchiha clan was established a police force in hidden leaf village .. And their father was chief police there .
    Their father always compare his sons n in the end sasuke feels bad coz his father like itachi more then him .. He always try to be like his brother .. In this process jealously take place between both brother . and sasuke 1st academic day before itachi n Sasuke was sitting n talking about how they really feel about each other.. " u really hate me, don't u?" Itachi said in soft voice. "No brother, all I want is become like u" sasuke replayed .. However itachi was well aware that father compere both of them n that makes sasuke sad.. Itachi said , "even if hate me, I'm always there to protect u , that's y big brother is for" . both smiled
    After that some people came to main door and calling itachi . they was police officers n they have came there for investigation of a murder case .. That was itachi's best friend . same like itachi he was brilliant student n a great ninja .. Then y he did suicide.. Coz police finds a suicide note .. But sharingun can copy evey moment for other one including handwriting. They still have doubt on itachi , he got angry n beat all three of em. Then his father came back from work n said apologize em for misbehavior .. He got more angry and throws kunia knife to a wall. A wall that divides uchiha clan's colony from leaf village.. And saying how uchiha clan stopped being powerful n settled in a village .. Sasuke was watching all this . he never saw his brother like this . he got scared and yelled "brother!!" . itachi stopped . he bowed and apologized for his behavior and said "he don't know about what happen to his best friend" and he looked at sasuke with his sharingun but those sharingun was different from normal sharingun .. He scared .. Before dinner itachi went for a mission that mission was classified n secret one he even can't say about it to his family.. He was onbu blackcop.. That's y his father understands about secrecy of the mission.. He never brother to ask .. On that night, while eating dinner sasuke talked about sharingun and is that anything beyond that. His father don't know how he know this but he answer sasuke's question.. He said, "there r beyond sharingun and its called mangakyu sharingun" . sasuke now know he saw mangakyu sharingun of his big brother itachi .. Next day after school sasuke came back to home, he was on his way. He was late .. Its almost dusk . all uchiha clan houses was dark no one turn on house light but that was full moon night .. So still he can see his way. He feels sometime was standing on light pole on street.. He turned back . but no one was there .. Then he saw people r laying on street they all r dead .. He ran to way home and finding his parents.. He was shouting "MOM ! DAD !" but no one responding to his voice. In one room he felt someone was inside . he opens door . n he saw his parents .. Both r dead .. And there was another person .. The murderer of his parents . when he come one step ahead to window .. Sasuke saw his face.. He was his big brother itachi! .. The person who was sasuke's role model .. Sasuke sais, "why u did this?" .. Itachi calmly said "I was testing my ability" and he unlocked his mangekyu sharingun. N show sasuke how he slaughtered entire uchiha clan .. "why r u showing me this!??", Sasuke said.. He cried and please to stop this .. Then itachi went outside from window.. Sasuke followed him.. Itachi stopped .. And says how he possessed mangakyu sharingun.. He said "this will create hatred in u for me. I'm seeing u a Worthy opponent .. And come to fight me when u also possess mangakyu sharingun .. And u became 3rd uchiha .. Who possess this eyes . including me.. But there is a catch in it.. For possess these eyes u have kill ur very own best friend, he must have dead .." and then itach abandoned his own village.. Now only uchiha clan member was alive in village..
    To be continue...

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