• Whyyy the hell i want to cry!!?
    I just feel like the worst person/thing on the earth... like. I have done horrible things to the others and... and...
    I DONT KNOW WHY IS HAPPENING!!... or how to make it stop!!!

    Please help..

  • @ondry I have been there many times and from my experience only you can help yourselves. Yes it may sound counter intuitive but that was the conclusion i came up with and it took a lot of time and hurting a lot of people in the process. However, it is upto you to find a coping mechanism that best suit yourself. What may work to one person may not work for others. My best advice will be to dont think too much about it. You may have a tendency to over think and to come in terms with reality and accept things they are. Dont do it now. Those are for after. What you need now is to come out from this sadness first. It is best you do this alone(unless you have a partner in crime). Dont mind taking a sabbaticcal from social medias and other activities worrying what others might think. It may accelerate your issues. Keep in mind that your wellness is your agenda not pleasing others. Good luck.

  • @ondry
    Regarding your friend, to be honest... if they thought you were joking, then maybe they are not the friend you thought.....
    or maybe they needed to be told that this wasn't a joke and its how you really feel.
    If I may ask, have there been any life tradigys ?
    I mean like family members passing on? or have you been cheated on by an ex recently?
    Regardless of not knowing why you feel the way you do, there is always a route to the problem. It's never good exploring what this maybe, but the is always a cause.

  • @ondry said in Random Depression atack:

    Whyyy the hell i want to cry!!?
    I just feel like the worst person/thing on the earth... like. I have done horrible things to the others and... and...
    I DONT KNOW WHY IS HAPPENING!!... or how to make it stop!!!

    Please help..

    Hit there,
    I feel your pain. As with @Barton I have also suffered in this way... the being close to tears, the thinking others don't like me, the concerns that seem to come from nowhere.
    From my experiences there is little worse than having no idea why you feel down, why your in such a dark place and why your head and your heart tell you to different things about the people around you.
    When I was in this situation it was a very dark place... I could be sat with friends or family and think that they only had me there out of pity or even in some cases that they didn't want me there at all, they were just tolerating me out of their own personal needs.
    Barton is correct that the only person that can get you out of your situation is you. NO this is not an easy task, and in some cases can take a long time. Sadly there is no overnight cure to how you are feeling.
    For me I found solace in my turntables. If I was feeling lower than low, I would turn on my turntables, remove a vinyl from its sleeve, place it on to the turntable and begin to mix music. At first it was difficult to play, what with my mind being so preoccupied, but eventually it took me away from the thoughts that were causing me pain.
    Something else that used to help me on a daily basis was starting the day with light hart'd humor. For example, in the UK every day on one of the tv channels they show re-runs of Fraser, Everybody Loves Raymond and various other sitcoms that just used to bring a smile to my face, regardless of how many times I saw then. This used to help (considerably) to set up my day and start me from a good place rather than a dark place.
    Finding something that can take you away is probably one of the best suggestions you could hear (and I don't mean substance abuse - this only makes things worse in the long run).
    Maybe even find a piece of music that makes you smile.
    Good luck with overcoming your feelings and I wish you all the best.
    You ever want to chat, my pm is open to all..... and I'm here a lot, maybe even to much lol.

  • I have tried everything but... this just gets worst!! I knew i this will happen but NOT LIKE THIS
    Its like something horrible inside my head...
    I some time ago i talked about this to a friend (the person who i like and i tell everything) but she just thought it was a joke.. and I DONT KNOW WHAT THINK NOW
    I cant with this, i fel like i just want to die to end this
    I dont know if its fear, deapair... Or what the hell is
    And i still crying for no reason... HOW DO I END THIS?!?!?!?!

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