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    1- Antarctica is actually the largest desert out there [because deserts are areas with very little moisture and everything there is frozen solid[

    2 - Saturn has such a low density it could float in water

    3 - more than a million coins are thrown into the Rome's Trevi Fountain every year

    4 - The oldest "your mom" joke was discovered on about 3 000 year old Babylonian tablet thingy

    5 - 29th May is a put a pillow on your fridge day

    6 - bananas are curved because they grow towards the sun

    7 - facebook , twitter and instagram are banned in China

    8 - Twitter bird has a name which is Larry

    9 - Dying is illegal in Houses of Parliament

    10 - Suicide used to be illegal anywhere in the UK but that law was repealed in 1961, although assisting suicide is still illegal.

  • those facts looks interesting

  • @JessicaGrant :joy: thanks again Jess .... pullin it outta the bag as per usual ... great facts for sure , but I have to dispute one
    please dont track me down n kick my butt
    I know how much of a badass net genius you are

    The final one, I believe is not on point...... There have been cases in the media here in the last few decades of people being prosecuted over assisting suicide. As far as I am aware, this is something that is taken on a case by case matter. Often the charges are reduced from sympathy for the person that stands accused. They have also been fighting to make it legal for extreme cases where close family are concerned. However it becomes difficult due to the possibility of living family members attempting to coerce the elderly or seriously sick person for financial gain. (a very moot point over here)

  • thanks for these.. :) I'm intrigued about the put a pillow on your fridge day. haha

  • @JessicaGrant noice facts

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