O.S for ancient f u c k i n g laptops

  • Gamers

    Okay , so basically i was screwing around and found a perfect O.S for bad laptops , so if your laptop looks like this0_1544985154108_gfaggot.jpeg consider yourself lucky

    ReactOS is a windows-driven linux , what does that mean? , it's an open-source and free OS which runs WIndows Software , pretty cool right? ... yes it is and it's also based on old windows , I actually loved it. It's system requirements : 500MB HDD and 96MB RAM , that shit can run on my microwave , i tried it by using raspberry pi on it and it worked but that's another story. They're still alpha so support them if you can , so for all the OG tech users out there , here's how it looks :0_1544985638204_bezt.jpeg

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