• I am writing you this poem as a promise to you
    That no matter what, I will always be here and I will always be true.

    Since i knew you susanna my life became so bright and meaningful,
    I promise you to keep this heart of yours that is beautiful.

    You made me the person i am today,
    Your laugh, jokes and everything you make
    Always brightens and shines my day in every single way

    I promise that i will be there to annoy you
    Thou it sounds crazy but ill have to do 😊
    Seeing your smile is the only thing i want
    Susanna your smile is so freakin perfect

    I promise that I will lie with you and hold you at night
    When things throughout your day just don't seem to be going right.

    For you, I would walk a thousand miles and more
    Just to see your beautiful smile that I absolutely adore.

    I promise that I will make you smile when you feel like crying.
    I promise that I will comfort you if you feel like dying.

    I promise to steal away your every sorrow and fear.
    I promise to wipe away your every tear.

    I promise to cherish every minute I spend with you
    Until the daylight sky is no longer the color of blue.

    Without your love, I do not know what I would do.
    I will not have a future unless it involves you.

    You've changed me for the better, and I have never been so happy.
    Now, with you in my life, I can't picture a world without you and me.

    Fate decided it was time for us to be together,
    And though our time here on Earth is short, I promise I want you always and forever.

    I promise that no matter what may happen, we will make it through.
    Please keep this poem as a symbol of the love I will always have for you.

    Have you ever met someone you think about 
    every night and every day,
    someone so beautiful it's breathtaking 
    and words just aren't enough to say?

    Have you ever met someone so special 
    you can't imagine life without,
    someone you want to talk forever 
    and learn everything about?

    Have you ever met someone just as crazy 
    who wanted to have just as much fun,
    someone you can dance all night with 
    and together watch the rising sun?

    Have you ever met someone so amazing 
    you wish you could pause the time so it doesn't end?
    This someone is you, 
    and I'd like you to be my forever girlfriend

    Have you ever met someone so perfect?
    That you even ask your self if she really exist?

    That some one is you susanna
    I would like you to be my baby mama.

    I love you babygirl.

    Susanna my one and only babe
    You're my sun on a cloudy day
    You're my umbrella on a rainy day
    You're my everything what can I say
    You're in my mind each and everyday
    I think about you when I lay down to bed
    I think about you while I am taking a test
    You're my Number one and you're the best
    You're like a tattoo in my mind that will never be erased
    I'll Love you forever because this isn't a phase
    It's just that I love you in my Unique way

  • @odin Thass beautiful 😪😪😪

  • Movie Buff

    @odin awe babe no words can describe how I feel right now...just beautiful and I love you too :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

  • @odin aw you two are cute

  • @odin please excuse me while I go jump off a cliff and die.

  • @odin :)

  • Aw.
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  • @odin i wish i have a boyfriend like you! ❤