• to be absolutely honest. i have literally ZERO idea what the heck i'm doing... but i really wanna learn. is anyone here able to teach me or tell me how to use some of it (i know how to use most of the basic equipment) i just need someone to teach me how to make melodies and what to put where when making a beat eg(where the 808s go or where to put snares or kicks or where to put effects) BASICALLY how to structure the beat and where things go and what tools do what.

  • @alex-moody There are some peeps on here that use FL Studio, I use Reason.
    Tbh, your best bet is to go on to youtube... you will find hundreds (if not thousands) of tutorial vids ;)

  • @shaun-durwin thanks ill take a look.

  • @alex-moody said in i just got FL studio...Now What???:

    @shaun-durwin thanks ill take a look.

    Not sure if it is still available, but I got reason compact for my ipad. Once installed and registered I received a link via email giving me reason 10 lite for free. This is a daw worth £90 ish. Would be worth looking into since it's legit and bug free.

  • @alex-moody I'm in the same boat. I know next to nothing about DAWs, other than the one I want. It's a steep learning curve. Good luck.