• Dear Ragnar (The TWSKI | TWS King and Icon)

    You are the first dude whom i ever shared and talked about many things here. After a month i m here, now i have a deep understanding about something that is happening in here. You may think or feel i put you in a corner for a while but believe me, what i am saying is you should aware some of those points below.
    After a long long day i am looking for an old post, an answer, a deep thought and a little bit analysis, here is my conclusions:

    1. IMHO, without disrespecting your leadership or other leadership and just put it down here, some of people may think that revealed someone ugly truth are cool hence they love to do that stuff. Why? Remember the time i had a gentle warning for batman and yoursbucky case? I dont want to blame somebody else here or you, but our silence brought such a huge pain even it was the truth. The quick step you have to do to prevent this case before it becomes worst with understanding both side so the worst drama will close asap. How? I am still thinking about it so no clues. I just figured out some of motives they did such things e. g an envious people, a seeking attention person, a drama fever, someone who loves messing people up, "a fame person" wanna be but that person aint get it, or may be that person wanted to be a global mods with some dirty business. Smh, atm i am just gasps and thinking "what you have earned after all you have done? A joyful moment? Compassion? Respect? None. You aint get anything".
    2. Bullying and insulting words are something common here. Please do not mistake me, bullying and insulting here does not mean we have to be a saint and a very nice person to bunch of people here. It is about bad things like you put someone in the corner, you make that person feel that person presence is nothing till that person cant say anything even defend himself, that is happening in a mean way. Meanwhile, that person does just remain a silence. If it is happening when you are doing some jokes with persons, it is totally for the sake of fun like when we re saying "Ragnar is pregnant". I still have no clues how to make it decrease since we cant stop it.
    3. As long as i concern, people may leave this site because their good reasons to go on. If you re saying to us that too much pervs and porns here is one of the factors (as you mentioned before) or may be we are abnormal (like someone post lol), may be it is but it is not a first answer. However, what i am seeing is that person (may be) does not feel have any friends, compassion, affection, sense of belonging or may be something that he is needed, his presence is value for us and we respect him. Also, the second one, he has complicated life in reality so he needs gravity to make him hold on. This site is a perfect running world for somebody like that but he has to be mingle and blend with us, to be like us. Hence he will be accepted as a part of this club. What do you think?
      If it is true, Kahlil Gibran once said "If you love somebody, let them go. For if their return, they always be yours. And if they dont, they never were". So, if you have someone whom you love the most, show it off before that person leave you in the worst case, make that person happy and treat her like a queen (it is referring to your bae :p).
    4. About the pervs, well, i believe you have to have the name on the person including some evidences (if you think it is good). Making a rule may be helping you a lot. Like if that person did pervs for 3 times, banned him. If he did once and twice, give him a gentle reminder. Ah may be TWS should make "pervert" beside his name as a title so people who had that feature would be recognized by all not only flag that person till he is banned. Lol.
      You may wonder why i have to do such contributions, do i want a reputation, a medal or may be global mods status? No. I want 2 things, a respect and a good environment for us. So, when our good friends who is lurking or being hiatus right now decide to be back, this site supports and provides a good environment for us so all of you will be happy and welcoming they are back like first, either i am exist or not in here in that time.

    That is what i wanna say to you, i prefer an open discussion rather than do it on dm since may be we just end up in a conclusion like an arrow, there is no curve. Some of people advice in here will help you a lot. That is all from me.



    Notes: You should know i just reveal if you and your bae are an actor and an actrees, @ragnar you are Tej while @im.a.bae is Ramsey on Fast and Furious 7. Do you like that? Aww 😝 cute right? lol. Since i am so kind to you today, i demand you something, buy me a thousands puppies and a private island for my girl @wtfjudith 😏

    "Money can come and go. We all know that. The most important things is people in this room, right here, right now. Salute mit familia" -Dominic Toretto- Fast Five

  • @g-a damn bro thatsa long ass post. Okay you have mainly post bout 4 things, ill reply them this way:

    1. About tws dramas, we all know that recently there had been dramas, fake users being noticed and revealed their true identity ro public. There is 2 sides here and as admin i wont choose anyside for both have reasons to do so. Not everybody on the site likes using their true identity, either because of trust issues he/she having for him/her self, or just because he/she believes he/she doesnt have good looking as everyone else. Or they are too young to use their own profile pictures. Who knows? They use it on purpose. But i will blame anyone who catfishing and at the same time they involve their selves in love affairs. This will count as guilt and the only punishment for this is ban. Let it be clear, you can be catfish but when it comes to love affairs and you know you cant reveal your identity then its better to tell your partner who you are or atleast ask him/her for only temporary relationship as you dont want to reveal your true identity. That was catfish side. Talking bout users side who blames catfishes for catfishing i consider them having their strong reasons too. People likes having friends, if not real life friends then atleast online friends. After making bunch of friends and you come to realise most of them are bunch of catfishes honestly it hurts. It hurts more when you fall in love with catfishes and this is when people gets angry and reveal the true identity of catfishes.

    let it be clear here, for catfishes who doesnt use their true identity or some of their true identity, either play cool without involving love affairs, let your partner know that you are not who he/she thinks is, just because you have personal reasons for hiding your identity OR dont involve your self in anything related to love. Or else you will be banned, the site cares for peoples, and when these peoples gets hurt it causes dramas and huge users left for the same reasons. As i am admin i wont let that happen.

    1. Bullying and insulting, we all know that bullying is never a good thing in the site. @YoursBucky is one of my close friends here, and he is the victim, there might be many other victims there like @YoursBucky who gets bullied too, this post is for you too.
      I've been quiet for a while, i mean i never replied on any bullying post or making any decision yet. Not because i ddnt notice or i ddnt care. NO! its because i wanted to solve this case by my self without posting anything. Also we need to know that we came from different backgrounds, we have different understandings. We need to understand peoples. @YoursBucky needs friends, and not only friends he needs to be cared just like others. He sometimes takes everything serious so everybody needs to ba calm and understand him clearly. He is just a good person, he doesnt seek attention or anything like that. He needs love. He likes it when people have fun, and he wishes he could be the one making fun. But he gets hard time doing that. Currently he had been banned for using big fonts alot, he even made a group just to notify mods when there is any problem at public chat, or topics. He doesnt like to be ignored. People or users get hard time understanding him i know. But we need to STOP BULLYING. I MEAN ANYKIND OF BULLYING, unless its just for fun. The site's aim is to make users happy and not sad or angry or anything like that.
      CYBER BULLYING is counted as a crime and any person who practice it will get limited time ban.

    2. Yeah we saw that, users leave the site for different reasons, and its hard to just stop them you know, recently ive receive some dm's to from users to ban their accounts for what was currently happening. There is no single social site that lacks perverts. I can even say that there is more perverts than normal user in tws. But they just lay low and play on dm's or topics. You might see their comments on topics like "hey please dm me, thanks" "hey love you are cute, follow me back" and comments like that, its funny.
      We had the "find your love" category as public group or category at first but we made that category private now on purpose. But still users use other categories too when posting nude stuffs or topics related to nudity. We made several topics to clarify it and @Global-Moderators our mods try their best to move nudity topics to find your love category ,
      I want to make this clear. If there is anybody who likes being pervert by making topics related to pervert, or who seeks for a partner or anything close to that, he or she needs to join our soul searchers group and post every stuff within find your love category. Or else THE TOPIC WILL BE DELETED AND PURGED AT THE MOMENT
      This is to prevent users to remain on the site. Not everyone likes it when they see nudity. Or someone gets bullied. The site will make sure all users have fun.
      Well i think i might as well as reply all your 4 points.

    Ps. Stay tuned there is awesome update coming soon for public chat and many more

    P.s.s me and @im-a-bae are more like king and queen ,
    Thou she is stubborn as hell πŸ™„ 😊, and oh i will buy you bora bora island
    and alot of puppies for you and your gurl @WtfJudith 😊😊

  • @ragnar
    slow clap

    I just have one small question...
    sorry two small questions.

    1. Are you really Caucasian with really tanned skin?

    2. When the F did you learn tap dancing???


  • @obviouslylucifer wait what???
    Wait what

  • @ragnar look at them tags!

  • @obviouslylucifer damn i ddnt saw them at first. @g.a what the hell πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • The tag says @RAGNAR loves me.
    Iam ded

  • @nutellabiggoat ikr πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • @nutellabiggoat said in UNDERSTANDING (DRAMA PART 2):

    The tag says @RAGNAR loves me.
    Iam ded

    This is why @im-a-bae made a topic ''Ragnar is cheating on me''

  • @ragnar this is aint a long ass post, 😏 and THANKS for your genuine and kind explanation. I understood. πŸ‘

  • @nutellabiggoat It happened when @ragnar dm's me, he was drunk and said "oh i love @NutellaBigGoat too. So, i will bang both of girls i have".
    Seriously, i really wanna ask you something, did you just "DO SECRET AFFAIR" with him? Oh hell, i will watch a new drama rn.