• Nobody knew I was broken; people just assumed I was an energetic, happy, silly girl but really I was dying inside like, I didn’t even know how to talk about it because it just sounded like I was complaining about the stupidest shit. And the guilt I was feeling for even thinking that I deserved a happier life. Idk. I was only 13 and I knew that I was gonna have to face a lot of negative layers in my life.

  • @Alireza-iran I'm 22 now and I’m happier than ever, thanks for your pep talk haha it was sweet. I wrote this a while ago it's just I wanted to share it because it makes up a part of who I am and who I grew to be. No worries, I'm very open and honest, I’m not afraid of speaking up it's just that when I was young, people didn't take me seriously. But now that I'm older, everything is different. I’ve changed.

  • @Alireza-iran I guess the most important lesson I’ve learned is that I have to take care of myself first. And I’m my own best friend before anyone else.

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    @banxs ok listen. Lots of us face mental pressure. No one is strong enough to keep it inside . This is 3hy we have friends and family. You should always say what you feel. Dont be shy or worried. Whats it gonna do? It wont hurt more if you let it out once. Its hard but it fèels good afterwards

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    @banxs if only i could say it matters for me. People still see me as i was even now that im 27 and grown up . Now im an open person too but still there are lots of things no one knows about.all that matters is havung someone that actually cares what you are going through in your head. And thank god i have that. And im very happy about it

  • Gamers Live Chat Regulars LurkersForLife

    @banxs thats true. But we always need other people in our lives too to share these moments with. Helps with the pain.

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