• Here is a thing, You can't keep choosing someone who doesn't choose you. You just can't. Because your person is going to be your person for the rest of your life. Not just when you are young and things are perfect, but when things get messy and you make mistakes and the world is less shiny. You have to make sure you have someone by your side that wants to be there. Someone who wants to support you and encourage you. Someone who gives you just as much effort as you give them. Someone who wants to hear your laugh, and make breakfast with you, and listen to all your dumb jokes for twenty, or thirty or fifty years. Because there are difficult things in real life, really hard and haunted things that and make it heavy and hurtful at times. But Love should not be one of those things. Love should hold your hand and help you brave those storms. Love should be your safe place. So please, just dont give the best parts of yourself to someone who doesnt see your value in what they are receiving. Dont settle for anyone who doesnt look at you and know without hesitation, that they want to stay.

  • @ragnar Well said. I kinda needed this reminder.

  • @ragnar

    Thanks buddy, I believe everyone look for that kind of ppl to be with, the problem is when that "aim" changes middle way.

  • @rendezvous put on reminders notepad sir..lol

  • When I read the spoiler it made me think “ ALL THE SINGLE LADIES ALL THE SINGLE LADIES PUT YOUR HANDS UP” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Hahaha

  • @ragnar

    very well said!

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  • @ragnar awww. Ragnar. You just touch my gay heart's 😻😻😻😻