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    Everyday a new day forget past live present enjoy future and life is easy to handle

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    It is a bad to know these to be honest I don't know how to handle these kind of scenerio though I can try to give u best advice which may help or not
    20 years in marriage life is good deal but him/her should not taught of doing these to u and u should not take any decision on hurry if he /she urs they will come and counting new year should be on and life is not confined u to think about one person u should think about other rlike who I have for irself he/she is gone but life is on and all the frnds will help u in these may God give u best option and help u to move on and forget past belive ur future to be best

  • I had a horrible shock three weeks ago, my spouse was cheating on me And I caught them in bed.
    It was like I got shot in the face after a twenty year relationship.
    I have mourned for three weeks and now I am counting the new year to live a life I want with meditation and doing things I lost.
    I’m reaching out for friendship and to help keep me on track.

  • Very true!
    Sometimes when we try to search for the deep meaning of life and are bogged down by its complexities.
    The best thing we can do is..
    enjoy the simple things

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