Just confess ur self and stop hypocrisy

  • When human started to develop from billion years ago,he started valued stranger things in life in addition to his ability of imagination, he began to believe in them ,worshipping and trailing them,u know why ? Cuz ''His fear and ignorance of their cause made him believe in them'' and after that he start to believe in meteors,cuz He believed that they're paranormal or uncanny things,he believed that they appear to punish people for what they did,after he believed in animals,water,moon,stars,the sun,the sky until he believe in nowadays' god,the hidden god,when u say : What a big universe, can it be by coincidence ? I'll tell u that : Science make u closer to the answer every day and every moment ! U believe that atheist can do whatever he want,u mean that he doesn't have ethics ! No u're wrong,look at the most atheists people like Craig venter or I don't know and compare them to the most religious people and I'll the ethics,ethics are something u do that u feel that is good,but religion is doing something that is said,instead of ur feeling if it's good or not,ethics is because in ur deep inside u love ethics not because someone will promise u with hell or paradise, listen : anything that is paranormal is something doesn't exist but anything normal is something could be understood by sciences, physics and mathematics, listen to me carefully : if u study u will know that life is chemical reactions that are caused from environmental circumstances but ur religion say : Our body is survived by our soul. Compare between them and fing what's more logical and acceptable to u.
    God didn't create human ! Human who created it to know how to live comfortable, an idea that full his questions that he can't answer...
    #It's only in ur head,just thing,confess ur self and stop hypocrisy.

  • @natsu-dragneel this is basically what you were saying:

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