Just inlove from someone's point of view :)

  • "Neither of us is happy, but neither of us wants to leave, so we keep breaking one another and calling it love "

  • "Do not let yourself be defined by a reality that doesn't exist, we must leave the world to find the universe".

    A heart beat occurs from the space love and is gone out of love.
    It is this beat like the wave on the oceans shores touches the physical world for a while then returns to its home only to return once more eternally, endlessly, forever and ever before and after we move on like this beat which moves the earth.
    It all depends how one sees love and with what eyes.

    I'm new on here, will take sometime before I put photos up or anything concrete.

  • @freedom13 yeah it's true :)

  • @nessafa20 we all have reasons to be happy and to be sad, we follow whatever we need atm.

  • If you want to be forever happy then i have a book to suggest