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    And post made by @sara 3 months ago This one

    They all had intention of making tws great again, our tws admin @TalkWithStranger and team members are working hard to make sure users gets what they want, as its aim is to make peoples from different places of the globe closer.

    We are currently facing some problems, like spams on topics, public chat, as well as global chat. Our moderators @Global-Moderators are trying their best to make sure they handle these problems, but we still have a problem of handling global chat spammers. That is well known and it will be fixed soon as possible.

    I would like to know what features would you like to see on Tws, and we will put them in consideration.

    Thank you

  • Movie Buff

    @ragnar improvements
    can you get rid of raunchy bullshit fake ads (I'm getting tired of those)
    like this for an example


    I swear at my hands on holy bible, I saw these ads on my screen besides comment section
    and please can you clean up the ads and I know if you can or not b/c when my parents walk in
    my room and he/she looks at my computer screen, see these ads and they think I'm at porno website.

  • @brown-nigger-man im sorry for that, we will consider it, but at the moment can you try ads blocker??
    Try this one

  • Movie Buff

    @ragnar oh thanks I'm using Microsoft edge
    now I switch to google chrome now

    • Option of uploading and sending pics in PM or Public Chat , directly from device without generating link on imgur website.

    • Provide report of Global Moderator who takes action against any user and why.

    • Ban the use of big font for every user in Public Chat because they are misused mostly by special ones.

    • Reason for downvoting must be taken.

    • Provide Post delete features to user.

    • Remove the by default restrictions for PM, unless somebody do it by own.

  • Movie Buff


    • first time adding send voice messages in pm (only)

    • you should add heavily restrictions of adding disturbing pics on pub chat
      like if you try post vile pics but it didn't show up on pub chat.

    • upload videos on topic (only) but again heavily restrictions may apply
      like if you post a video of vile stuff it wont allow you to do so.

    • NO MORE DRAMA!!!!!! ( who agrees with me?)

    NO MORE DRAMA!! ................. IMO

  • @yoursbucky I agree with most of this. I think down voting can be abused, but it's best to leave that open. I think the default way to talk was done to reduce the amount of creepy pms a lot of girls where getting when they made an account.

  • @ragnar 1. Provide a block option on global chat as well as public chat.
    2. Only those users who have public chat account can synchronise their account so that impersonating someone won't be easy in global chat.

  • @ragnar I think the biggest improvement you can do is make groups something more useful. Like a section only those in the group can see, that when posted in there, everyone in the group gets a notification.

  • I don't know where Random chats come in your priorities, but dealing with the spam bots and giving users ability to block others.
    Also if you can, having ability to send various emojis, gifs and stickers like in Facebook messenger would be a delight.
    Losing a connection when you refresh the page is kind of a bummer sometimes.

  • @ragnar I think something that would be pretty nice to have here is a video chat option(not random) so that you can video call some of your friends or maybe even doa group video call. So that we could be more connected with our friends on here

  • Add something like Facebook feed with no upvotes and shit.
    Where you can update status....post pictures or memes.
    Like this:

  • @brown-nigger-man Emma Watson "most naked"?!! :joy::joy::joy:
    And yeah Ad-blockers solve everything.

  • @ragnar Adding mute and unmute button for individual person on global would be great if it's possible.

  • @ragnar : You have seen what is happening in global chat please take an immediate action/control over spammers and cloners..
    Please also make fix/permanent id #per user because this ids now is so useless it changes every log in.
    Another thing the font colors in global green/red are such an apple color..can u please change it

    Jag alskar lila,hope so purple

    Tack verklig administrator

  • Voice chatting option would be nice

  • @bela Apple color haha :joy: :joy:

  • an actual APP
    more profile customizing
    better dm organization on phone
    more people
    less assholes
    and more than one pfp im talking gallery
    but at that rate it might aswell be IG

  • @ragnar dude i will suggest some ideas for Improving Global coz im active Mostly in Global only πŸ––
    1)We need Some option to Ban ppl or someone who can ban ppl in Global πŸ––
    2)I hope so we need new Global Mods(Coz current Global Mods aren't In Global mostly....They aren't online in Global)....so I hope.... Global users who are active and trustworthy should be appointed as Global Mods and Public users should be appointed as Public Mods πŸ––
    3)And pls Add features in Global chat like typing in Red letters,Blue letters and big letters like which is available in Public currently πŸ––
    4)I suggest to create an option for creating our own grps in Pm like which is available in whatsapp.... I mean 3 or more ppl can create a grp in pm to chat .....it will be interesting and spam free πŸ––
    5)And i suggest Global mods should have powers like to edit other's text in Global and ban mobiles for abusing and spamming (coz we don't need to log in to enter Global ..so banning Mobile is the only way )πŸ––....Coz still spamming and abusing are happening in Global as @Ragnar dude ya saw yesterday πŸ––
    6)Best way to avoid abusing users in Global is to Ban Mobiles and best way to avoid spamming is that USERS SHOULD BE AUTOMATICALLY BANNED ATLEAST TEMPORARILY IF THEY PASTE A SINGLE TEXT FOR A LONG TIME πŸ––
    7)And i hope so DownVote option should not be there coz ppl may misuse coz of personal feelings for that user tho the post may be good πŸ––
    8)And as suggested already Deleting post option should be available to all users to delete their own posts πŸ––
    9) What else πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”....i hope so thats all....if i get some new idea i will post again πŸ––
    Hope so it will be taken seriously and all the suggestions will be taken into account πŸ––
    Regards Mak πŸ––

  • @makiboy