• Personal Experience

    The most important thing about TWS is that the users will answer their experiences. Personally I love reading and watching experiences hence I never miss reading those type of articles or watching a biopic. Experiences can teach us lot of things, especially the failure stories can alert us in many ways.

    You share your social life to world via Facebook.
    You share your original ideas to world via TWS.

    TWS and Facebook are completely different. They have different purposes.

    Facebook , has never been an informative site. I don't think it was intended to be one. It is a 'social networking site'. To connect with friends, family.

    What's your opinions?

  • @CatMan well since i dont use facebook, i prefer TWS 😂

  • @CatMan For memes, facebook is the best.

  • Gamers

    @CatMan well , i take it from the more secure side , which would be TWS because they aren't that big of data collectors opposing facebook , and i fucking hate facebook so TWS > facebook

  • @CatMan

    I believe they serve different purposes so I can't really pick which one is my favorite.
    I do believe that you can get more meaningful connections with ppl from TWS cuz the community is smaller so u see the same peeps more often rather then the huge amount of a community facebook is! :p I like both tho and think TWS would be even more cool if there were more people using this community ! :D