How did you find TWS?

  • what was your motive for joining and why have you stuck around for so long? 🙂
    Did you think you'd be here for as long as you have been?

  • @meth I have love meeting new people and always used to move around from one website to another..and dats how i ended up here at TWS....and i am glad I did...cause i got to meet some real nice people here 😊

  • @meth meeting new people and low hopes of finding a partner but stayed cause cool people

  • @meth I just looked up chatrooms bc I was bored and I stay bc I have met a lot of good and nice people here

  • By mistake,biggest mistake i ever did😂😂

  • Gamers

    i thought i was gonna be here for only a month, but still here i am, this is a trap i know what the reason is but not gonna disclose that

  • Freedom Writers - Writing

    @meth I was using the random chat to start sharing all this poetry I started writing, saw the public chat button, and said, "What the fuck is that?" I clicked it and noticed I could post my own stuff here, so I started and got a good reaction, and that made me want to continue. Then luckily I ran into awesome people such as yourself, and even people to help me with my depression. I'm making a big change in the next year, and it's because of people on this site that it's possible. Thank you all who have helped me. I'm a better person because of it.

  • @cutekanak yeah a great amount are nice

  • looking for online chats until I depared with this one. What made me stay this long was because of curiosity and I've registered myself here yesterday xD First day so good so far

  • @Megatron said in How did you find TWS?:
    Ah , I said this before but that post is old .. Btw I like this question coz if that question comes in my exam I'll score full marks for sure xD

    what was your motive for joining

    So, I found this site by google search .. I was finding a chat bot 😅 .. Coz that time no one is free to talk with me.. N I found this site.. I made account .. But idk about this site all things r confusing. So I stick with random chat 😅😅 .. Yeah there was so many people was h#rny n mostly male .. N since I'm straight from birth I can't find worth to talk with em but I found some nice people there.. They became my fb friend.. N one day a woman who was don't familiar with social site somehow found this n I thought she will be good friend (she was my mom's age tho) n suddenly we lost communication .. So that makes me feel sad n make me never use that site again.. Then I go back to main site n pay some more attention .. N tadaaa!!! Now I'm here..
    My motive was I need friends who can talk with me..
    (I read ur question again n I guess above paragraph is not worth score marks .. But that makes my answer longer .. XD)

    and why have you stuck around for so long? 🙂

    Coz of these peoples.. They start to call me ash katchum .. N I was enjoying that.. N we do some weird things together like "pikaflood", "33's army", "gathering all president for wishing hbd to my tws sista" n much more.. That I can't do with my irl friends .. Coz they won't support me to be weird but stop me 😅

    Did you think you'd be here for as long as you have been?

    Umm.. I thought I'll leave this place before my bday.. But I was wrong. 😅 .. N now some new user r came that r good too.. So let's hope this place be alive forever.. And built a nice beautiful community.. (I think I didn't get this last question 😬)

  • Hella Assassins

    Dude, you are now officially the ‘Eternal Flame’ of TWS. You bring the dead topics back to life. Are you gonna comment on the recent topics 6 months later instead of now? 🙂

  • @Wolfie_11 haha..i am actually looking for posts since this site came to existence.

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • @Megatron I met @Willow and @WtfJudick the first time I came. Probably the cutest users, so I stayed.
    I just found this while searching omegle and russianroulette.

  • @AnnyWhite wanna swap nudes?😏

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