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    this question has been bothering me for months. I have seen many people in palliative department (esp. Extreme Cancer patients) that literally have no chance of surviving. They cant be alive for a second wothput life support. So much sedatives have to be given to them. They experience so much pain. And everyday, they pray God just to end their lives. Then their family spends a lot of money, even though Doctors have already given up on them. But laws dont let them end their lives like that. In my opinion, assisted suicide by ending the life support system should st least be made legal. Sure, euthanasia by drugs cant be trusted, but whats the harm in ending life by stopping the life support system, even when the patient, doctors, their family everyone wants them to end their lives cause it hurts a lot to see someone in such an excruciating pain. They are practically, Living Corpses.
    Anyway, whats your opinion?

  • Euthanasia is categorized in different ways, which include voluntary, non-voluntary, or involuntary. Voluntary euthanasia is legal in some countries. Non-voluntary euthanasia (patient's consent unavailable) is illegal in all countries. Involuntary euthanasia (without asking consent or against the patient's will) is also illegal in all countries and is usually considered murder.
    According to me early termination of life is a crime, be it by suicide or helping one commit suicide. The various positions on the cessation of medical treatment are mixed and considered a different class of action than direct termination of life, especially if the patient is suffering. Suicide and euthanasia are both crimes.

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    @cid-cid I obviusly meant the Voluntary Euthanasia. And out of that too, i believe that VPE(Voluntary Passive euthanasia), which is already legal in India should be adopted by more and more countries. Euthanasia by stopping the life support systems will ensure that the person dies just because of the underlying sickness. And VPE is not a crime here, it just has some strict restrictions here

  • @rendezvous in religious view this act is Islamically forbidden for it encompasses a positive role on the part of the physician to end the life of the patient and hasten his death via lethal injection, electric shock, a sharp weapon or any other way. This is an act of killing, and, killing is a major sin and thus forbidden in islam and this is illegal in most islam country.

  • @Rendezvous the question is, what are you still doing here? 😂

  • @zazzles Glad you're so insightful!

  • what is EUTHANASIA

  • @girlnextdoor It is assisted self killing under medical supervision. In layman terms its like you sign for euthanasia, and in future if you are diagnosed with diseases that are fatal and you cannot survive without life supporting systems, then the doctor can disconnect your life support to end the life to relieve off the pain.

  • I think when it comes to animals, I am completely against it. I find it immoral how you just kill an animal (dogs and cats to be specific or any pet) instead of putting it in a adoption center or giving it to some friend or family member. There are better ways to deal with a pet than to just euthanisize it. But I think when it comes to humans with serious diseases, I can’t say anything but it’s up to the person with the disease choice if he wants to be euthanize or not. I would choice to be euthanize than to just stay with the diesease.

  • @silver-python What if the pet was sick? I’m not talking about when the owners can’t afford it and choose to put it down instead, but when it is sick and there’s nothing we can do about it other than end it’s pain.. If that happened to my dog, i would personally rather euthanize him than let him suffer.

    I agree though that when people do it just because they can’t find a home for it and it’s in perfect health, that’s fucked up and we should try to find a way to end this.

  • @wtfjudith You are right when the pet is sick I am guessing it is better to euthanize than to just keep the sickness getting to it. But there are those pets who are perfectly fine but does not have an owner, and some just euthanize it. That's why I said there are better things to do than to just euthanize a fine healthy pet.

  • @silver-python well yes, there's a line between murder and euthanasia and killing a healthy pet amounts to murder for sure. And murder in any way is unacceptable. But again, like in poultry if the birds get affected by a virus, they say its better to kill the diseased birds even though they are capable of living. Its be because they disease other birds if alive and the disease becomes an epidemic. So again this can neither be called Killings due to suffering and nor it can be called murder. So there's a line between whats ethical and what's immoral. And in humans, we have VPE( Virtual passive euthanasia) to identify that line

  • If a person has a right to life then he should have a right to death.

    There are two types of pain:

    1. One which makes you stronger.
    2. Useless one which only causes suffering.

    The pain terminal patients feel is the cruel and useless one, people suffering from terminal diseases should have to the right to ask for dignified death.

    People spend fortunes in cases of terminal cancer even when there is no hope, that family could've utilized that money somewhere it might've actually mattered. Letting a person suffer for no fault of his own, just for the sake of outdated laws is cruel.

    As you are an Indian, you should be happy to know that Passive Euthanasia is now legal through a living will, yes there are a lot of checks and balances as there should be, but its now legal. They still don't allow active euthanasia, but one step at a time.

  • Euthanasia should be legal in at-least some form. I do have a nagging feeling about the consequences not on a moral standpoint but from a medical (vague usage of the word medical in the making) approach. Though the immense pain mentally and physically endured through out the process on all sides of a terminal incident is heart-wrenching; It has a massive advantage towards experimental treatment in areas concerned with consent. People whom are laying on their death beds are more willing to endure experimental treatments to have a chance of surviving which can help those in the R&D section of this treatment can gather valuable information than can be later used to future evolve the understanding of the treatment applications. This further can help the treatment became more accessible and thus more reliable to patients suffering from an incident that can be helped by the consequences of the treatment. I am on no way a reliable source on this matter let-lone using this information I have should be credible is out of the question.