Suicidal people are just angels who want to go home

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    Some are suicidal. Some are to afraid. Some just don't want to stay alive. Some just don't want to say it. Some believe they don't deserve to live, but what people don't get is that living is the curse, because with death comes peace. Everyone lives with a curse of their own, some don't even know it yet but they will. As the title says "Suicidal people are just angels wanting to go home" Everyone has their own perspective in life, mine is "Life is full of pain and heartbreak but you got to get through the pain to get to the happiness, the cure for pain, is in the pain. People say to live life to the fullest but how can we do that when we don't have a life. I've always seemed depressed to (some) of my friends but the truth is, I've been happy and I loved it but when it ended it hurt, but sometimes it's better to pretend nothing changed so you won't hurt the people you love deeply, as I think it's better to be hurt then to hurt the people you love...

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    These are the same people who can't bear the pain so they pass it on to their loved ones by killing themselves and put them in trauma for the rest of their lives. These are no angels!

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    Sometimes I wanna not exist, I don't wanna die and I'm not suicidal, I just want to not exist. But what I noticed is that Death seems more inviting then life and you don't truly understand depression until you can't stand your own presence in an empty room, but I miss me, the old me, the happy me, the smiling me, the bright me, the laughing me, the gone me..

  • @Rissa_TheBest said in Suicidal people are just angels who want to go home:

    @Dog very true.. But if I don't believe in that (the better option) what shall I believe?

    You just need to practise regularly to feel less become like a robot to feel less pain

    That we all live a long painful life and in the end we die and go to heaven or hell?

    Changing lifestyle and mindset will most likely help.

    very possibly, heaven and hell exist. But i think it is very complicated who will go to heaven or hell. And i think the controller of our destiny will be very flexible in deciding who will go to hell and heaven...

    Now, it is also very possible that heaven and hell doesn't exist. So we need some basis to believe in them?
    And I have personally found out very good reasons why heaven and hell most likely exist which is very inspiring...

    it started with my personal suffering in life. So i needed to focus on the unseen world of spirituality/religiosity and to detach my mind from the material world

    It is also very unlikely that a very complex and organized intelligent creature like humans exist without any higher consciousness and higher goal

    Life is completely dependent on cruelty:
    Approximately 40-50%(i guess) kids bully at school which indicates how inherently sadist and dangerous humanity is.

    Cruelty,sorrow and injustice are essential parts of how life functions and it is part of the heavenly design(Someone intentionally designed reality this way): A life must feed on another life and oppress another life to survive, even in cases it happens within a species.

    Consciously detaching from reality might help even if temporarily....

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    @Rissa_TheBest Yeah I have dealt with depression my whole life. It's nice that society is gaining a better understanding about depression and people are more open to talk about it.

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  • I don't think it's right to call suicidal people "Angels", they are not angels, they are sick. Calling them angels is pushing a positive narrative on the idea of suicide, like it's some kind of teenage romance movie, in contrast to the idea of your post. The problem I have with these kinds of posts is that they unknowingly Romanticize the notion of death.
    There's a clear line between emotional and clinical depression. I'm not doubting your credibility, i would just like to point out to some people and to you that it may not be clinically depressed. Maybe all of you are just is salty that your mommy yelled at you, that your crush doesn't look your way cause he thinks your fat, or that your friends talk behind your back because they themselves are insecure about themselves.

    I myself have been on some tough spots; before, everytime I laugh or even had a hint of fun with my friends a lingering voice in my head tells me how none of it matters since we're all just gonna graduate and forget about each other, and that nothing I or anyone does matters since we're all gonna die on the long run. I used to have anxiety attacks at night when I think about the future, bad enough to make me wanna cry and punch a wall. I would even have these real thoughts of stabbing myself with a big ass knife as I wash the dishes (not the self destructive thoughts like "I wonder what would happen if i stabbed myself" but thoughts like "Should I stab myself right here and now or not"). Then one day I just thought fuck it, just because it doesn't matter doesn't mean i should ruin myself with these thoughts. I'll die one day but I started not caring.

    I'm not hating on you for speaking out or anything, I just hate the idea of people jumping straight to "I'm suicidal" without having to experience the real hardships of depression like some people seriously have. I hate it since I once thought Suicidal people are "Angels" too, I liked the idea of calling myself an angel but that was just a way to make me feel special during my predicament. Depression is a serious mental condition and it isn't right to brand it as some kind of positively romanticized movie. Don't think of them as Angels cause they're not.

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    @Dog very true.. But if I don't believe in that (the better option) what shall I believe? That we all live a long painful life and in the end we die and go to heaven or hell?

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    I just want to sleep, I'm tired, A coma would be nice or amnesia anything just to get rid of these thoughts

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    @Tarique-Shaikh The guy I'm talking about likes me back, but thank you for explaining that.

  • @Rissa_TheBest ok girl.....keep writing here and keep telling us how you feel

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  • LurkersForLife

    @Sassygirl We all lose hope eventually, I'm gathering that your sad too?

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    @Dog yeah it might be a stage everyone goes through and I know everyone's gonna feel deep pain at least once in their life but something about this feeling doesn't feel normal..

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    sorry about the overload of songs

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    Okay I'll be back tmr guys, thank all of you for listening to me ❤ it means a lot..

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    @Karenluvsjesus yes I know and I do understand what angels are.

  • @Rissa_TheBest suicidal ppl ARE NOT angels. i agree with @sup

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