@Rissa_TheBest Greetings rissa Ur the best , Suicidal people are just angels who want to go home , Home ha which home is that ?? Please explain me in some sense.. Some are suicidal !! Yes I do agree indeed some are , also I apreciate it, we as human have awareness or Conscious to kill ourself which no other being have that choice to depart for thier form .. I will respect and surrender to a fellow who killed himself with out likes and dislikes or with out any agenda, basically without any attachments!! ok just an idea to keep loves ones brain to make some sense , because you do not have answer for it !! Well good as it is in word sounds amazing.. but no sense to me !! Everyone has their own perspective in life, mine is "Life, is learning, and repeated doing same mistake again that's not life it's a reason to the self not to be capable for yourself to learn ..or move on !! So let go move on .. consider as a bad dream or hard lesson, I know hard lesson is knowledge , fast one !! Not like borrowed knowledge.. so rock bottom naked wrecked is good to be, only temporary moment once we gain knowledge it's done .. beliveing in your own lies and manipulating your brain as universal truth as you feel now please don't yeah, it's not for ever .. now only exist.. u can change a lot if you understand the power of Now!!