• this kobe thoing has hit me ....hard. i have cried for 3 days. whats funny about that? i hardly watched b-ball or kobe. i cant even dribble! so why am i crying? because anytime i see innocence lost, i lose it. it's not kobe per say, it was the other CHILDREN aboard. everytime i see his daughters smile in pictures i well up and ball. i have had fights with my very religious mother about all this recently. she tells me god has nothing to do with pain or tragedy. he has to allow these things. she says death is not the end but still has to take place due to sin. this is my nagging question. if we all MUST die, then why cant we all have a chance to live a good 80 yrs each and then pass? it would still fullful what the bible says, we are to each die. sometimes i get so angry when i see babies or toddlers die. why would God even have created them? what purpose did they serve? they did not or were not allowed to even get to know or learn of him! to say i am angry at God is an understatement right now. how can a "loving Father" allow these things and then not even explain why he does it!? he lives families like Kobe's Vanessa and her children in pain! and we are then to call on Him to help with that! i was close to embracing my christian faith even more but after this i am more angry, confused, and withdrawn from Him than ever. back to crying.........

  • the ways of God also dont seem very loving to me

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    Touché buddy🤣

  • @mikeJB Mike, I understand completely how you feel. In this world we see much suffering, pain, disease, and death. It can be confusing and terrible to witness. We live in a broken world. We suffer the legacy of our ancestors' sin, but none the less even in the midst of this God does not give up on us. We must always remember that this temporal life isn't the end, there is an eternity out there and death should not make us fearful, angry, or scared. Our Lord Jesus Christ conquered the realm of death with his crucifixion and resurrection, in Him there is only eternal life for those who know Him. And for those of us who know and love Him and are close to Him, we can pray for those who have passed that God in His infinite love for mankind may have mercy on them. If you want to talk to me, feel free to message me at any time.

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    @mikeJB the ways of God are not for us to interpret.
    PS Imagine what if everyone lived till 80 there would not have been enough space for all.

  • i think i am no longer sad now. i realize now why God allowed this tragedy and it makes sense. Kobe was a hero to so many, but only mainly to kids in the basketball/sports sense. alot of people would not have noticed his charity work or being a father or being a mentor. i think those things got overlooked. sad it had to take death to open our eyes to the fact God had given us a superhero to walk amongst us , to strive to be like, and we didnt even know it or realize it. i think thats why what happened, happened. we are now open to seeing just how great MAN he was and was becoming, more than just a sports star. i just read this story i am now forever changed. i now understand e had an angel here on earth hiding his wings from us. thank you, Kobe! you will be my new inspiration and my new hero. in how you lived and how you helped others to live even better. take those wings and FLY!


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