• I've recently had a situation that hit me kind of hard. I've always been a loner and never had real reason to wish for another lifestyle. I get along with me okay. At one time, long ago, I did begin to feel a need for a purpose since the purpose of feeding myself seemed a little shallow. I was gifted by the Gods with a puppy that needed a home and to be loved. Many years went by with me feeling the true love between one soul and another. I had promised her 10 happy years and after 15 or 16 life cancelled our agreement. The saddest thing was knowing I had to give her care to another, I guess returning her home made that tolerable.
    Not long ago I met a girl 40 years my junior and, feeling a promise of 10 years insufficient for a relationship with a human soul did not wish to pursue such a relationship. It turned out she was simply using me for her needs at the time but, by the time I realized that I had developed feelings for her much like those I felt long ago.
    In using me, she had told me she was homeless and basically unloved. When it was time to realize her intent and return her to the wild it wasn't easy. I wrote this little poem to explain my feelings for that situation and wonder if anyone can understand my thinking and explain how wrong I am.

    I saw a puppy, alone and scared.
    With eyes that searched for someone who cared.
    An invisible collar said she was taken.
    Through an old man's heart her needs were mistaken

    I looked to take her to the place she'd known.
    Knowing her missed by the folks at home.
    I gave her food and watered her thirst.
    But missed so much that I should have done first.

    I scoulded that puppy for running away.
    Without having the reason why I thought she should stay.
    I've always loved puppies and wanted them free.
    'Cause I knew that's how happiness wanted to be.

    I'm telling this tale cause it's fresh in mind.
    I mistook all I did as my want to be kind.
    I've always been taken when the wag of a tail,
    like a smile, shows happiness hidden will fail.

    It saddened me much when my puppy was lost.
    I'd feel in my heart she would feel as if tossed.
    When she died to this life I was sad for that too.
    But had peace in my mind there's no more I can do.

  • I'm sorry to hear what happened to u. By the way It's a beautiful poem

  • @Don-Rose I am sorry for you but thats a beautiful poem i agree with the others

  • thank you for replies. I'm not really feeling sorry about what happened to me but, rather, looking for understanding that my feelings were generated from a love for the soul and not a need for the physical. A day or two after I wrote the poem to myself a stray dog showed at my door giving me another verse.

    I saw a Dog, in the dark and cold
    no longer a puppy, her look, her age, told.
    I opened the door to the warm inside.
    And offered her comfort, a place to hide.

    I knew in her soul a family was living,
    A rest from the cold was all I was giving
    She and the ones I knew surely exist.
    Would find the one lost that they sadly now missed.

    I shared little food, gave her drink in a bowl
    I wondered how right it is dogs have a soul
    Though she was the lost, I think what I found
    is it strengthens my heart having good souls around

    She followed her nose thru every room in the place
    Approved her new digs with a smile on her face.
    She settled in nicely, to herself was my home.
    Her sweetness showed, in life, she had not been alone.

    We Sheltered from the cold and dark.
    I would talk but she not bark.
    She was free from danger, I provided that much
    But me, as a stranger, didn't quite have the touch.

    She would look to the window seeming to say
    She was hoping for someone to be coming her way.
    She was hoping, as dogs do, there'd be a swing of the door
    To be greeted by one she was now longing for.

    There she was, lost, when she went on the wing.
    But, this tale, in the end, is a beautiful thing.
    As she followed her friend with tail wagging true.
    I could only be happy, what I could, I did, too.