• I promised myself to get married in an instant once I find my ideal woman. So after meeting Victoria in a singles latin tour in Colombia I know I have to act now and get tied to something very serious, which is marriage. The only problem is our age gap. I am 55 but she’s only 24 years old. I love her and I know she feels the same way too, I just don’t know how to handle the criticisms people might throw to us. I’m already planning to propose to her but this concern is keeping me from doing it. Should I choose love over this age dilemma? Please, I need your advices!

  • @chrisscott55 I don't believe in "LOVE DOESNT HAVE AN AGE" bull shit. Everything has an age, according to me. Maybe you both love each other, agreed. But still, its sick to marry such a young woman. You are of her dad's issue. And in most cases, these types of girls are the girls with daddy issues.( Not generalizing, but just presenting the odds of that happening).
    And if you really love her, maybe you should consider that when she will be in her 30s or 40s you will be too old. And seeing the odds, you have less life remaining than hers. Just think about her, that when she is in 30s or 40s, will she be ready to move on and jump into the dating world again and start afresh?
    And certainly you wouldn't want her to die alone.
    Yea but all this scenario is just in case you really love her(and its nothing related to lust). But if you are a selfish brat, just go for it. Good Luck!!

  • @rendezvous Does the post say a foreign tour and shitty love stuff.
    Its an advertisement.

  • Banned

    @chrisscott55 goddamn! 55 and 24! Bruh im 18 but I feel like im dead and old.
    That slut will leave your house after you paid her, trust me ;)