How can I convince my girlfriend's dad that I genuinely love her? Help!

  • I met my girlfriend Carolina through A Peru Women online. She’s a Peruvian woman and very close to her parents.

    Her dad is especially protective and that is understandable. They have met me once. Our relationship is mostly online.

    I really like her. It’s more right to say that I love her. I’m serious about her.

    I don’t want to cause Carolina heartache because of her dad not approving of our relationship.

    I’ve decided to prove to him that I’m genuinely serious and in love with his precious daughter… but how do I do it?

    My friend told me to just propose to her. Despite knowing that we love each other and knowing that I plan to marry her eventually.

    I just think we are not completely ready for it.

    I want to be financially stable first and she has a career she wants to grow in too.

    I think that just proposing will even make her dad not like me more.

    Especially when, despite being able to live on my own, I can’t provide for more than myself at the moment.

    I plan to visit her and her family again and spend Christmas and New Year with them.

    But I’m running in corner to corner on thinking how I can make her family be at ease about me…

    or make her dad understand that I won’t do anything to hurt or betray their daughter.

    What should I do?

  • I don't worry about her family...Sure they are probably important to her...This will come do down to who is more important to her...You or her...From what you say I see it as a decision she will have to make...No matter how serious you are you shouldn't care which way it turns out because if you show that you do it will make this situation more painful for you...My approach would be as follows...This...Is who I am and my intentions if you have a problem with that it doesn't matter what happens will happen...Remain as close to her as you can during this process she will either choose you or will not...Never question her choice because it shows you the reality of who she which you will never be able to change...Exercise a level of detachment...Be confident in yourself...Only way I see to proceed...Good luck bother!!!I really mean it...

  • I understand that she close to her family, but is it really necessary to get his approval? There is a chance he may never approve. A proposal would be a serious way to say "Hey I really love her!". It may or may not work. I'd focus on just loving her regardless. My boyfriend's mom slowly grew to like me, after she saw how serious I was about her son. I'll be proposing in the New Year.

  • @faithfulman35 I actually have a really good solution for this. I myself have an overprotective father. find out his interests. offer to participate in these activities with him. if that doesn't work you might need more time with him when your SO is with you. he'll see how well you treat her, how respectful you are, and how happy you make her. a good way to do this is taking them out to dinner. a relatively nice one, it doesn't have to be gourmet five stars, but just good enough that you can prove you can take care of his daughter. I really hope this helps you !!!

  • Do not propose. Your friend is getting carried away. You are right to be more concerned of providence. The father in question may be of the same mind. However, there is something that you can start doing right now!

    These are rather unromantic times when it comes to romantic gestures. Use a craft to design and manufacture things for her. Sell duplicates and give her the profits.