• It’s the most romantic time of the year. This is what we believe during Valentine’s day. And this time, I want it to be happier and romantic. Wanna know why? I’m visiting my Chinese girlfriend in Shenzhen. It should be fun and exciting.
    This will also be my vacation in China!

    Chen and I have been in a relationship for 5 years now. Our ways met during AFA’s tour in Shenzhen, China. For those years of being in a relationship with her, we’ve experienced a lot of struggles. There are times we don’t get along, but love is still present. Even if our cultures differ, still we did our best for understanding to come. To some it up, we did experience ups and downs but our relationship even became more stronger.

    Now, Valentine’s day is coming. I’ll visit her but I also want to bring something special to her. A gift. What could be the best gift to give to her? What about a ring? Do you think it’s time to tie the knot? Do you think it’s time already? What do you think guys? But I don’t want to stress her with that. Thanks for your responses.

  • something like this alt text

  • @jynextremist haha thats a good one

  • Your dignity

  • Gamers

    @tehkotak wow, did someone actually wrote those, i am pretty sure i wont be able to write a single reason :D

  • Gamers

    @tehkotak well in my case, it was more like " i dont even need a reason to love you" something like that :3

  • @jynextremist yea i guess, i have see guy give that to his gf.
    if you really love someone ull able to write it, even u can write 100 reasons 😀

  • @valentineguy2018 why are you asking somebody else's opinion if you're ready? Just bring lots of love lol

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