Euthanasia should be legal in at-least some form. I do have a nagging feeling about the consequences not on a moral standpoint but from a medical (vague usage of the word medical in the making) approach. Though the immense pain mentally and physically endured through out the process on all sides of a terminal incident is heart-wrenching; It has a massive advantage towards experimental treatment in areas concerned with consent. People whom are laying on their death beds are more willing to endure experimental treatments to have a chance of surviving which can help those in the R&D section of this treatment can gather valuable information than can be later used to future evolve the understanding of the treatment applications. This further can help the treatment became more accessible and thus more reliable to patients suffering from an incident that can be helped by the consequences of the treatment. I am on no way a reliable source on this matter let-lone using this information I have should be credible is out of the question.