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    Its interesting because i used to live by this quote. “I dont want to survive. I want to truly live”. As weird as that is, I heard it from a kids movie I was watching with my daughter lol.
    I told myself that there is survival- going through life day by day just tryna stay alive. Have the money to support yourself. The food you need just to stay alive. The amount of work you need just to make the money you need. Thats survival
    And living. Well living is making life the greatest it can be. Having the job you want. Going on crazy adventures. Trying new things, new foods.
    So ask yourself. Are you surviving? Or are you living?

  • @willoww I'm living, and have a big decision I may have to make soon (don't want to talk about it yet). I go out dancing a lot, I enjoy my job, and I have a lot of hobbies that I can't live without, so I'm making the most out of life I can at the moment.

  • I survived for about 8 years.

    I Fell into depression for 6 years,retreated from everything -family, relatives,friends.

    I Doubted every decision I made.Even things I used to do in my sleep,i now got others to double check.

    I Took no care of myself, got fat, wore bad clothes that said "Not interesting ,don't pay attention to me" ..sat at the last benches.

    & well pretty much no one was understanding,like I was play-acting.Thought of running away from home.or even ending it one night. it was years of unending misery.

    Even 10 years ago,I wouldnt have beleived i would have to go through this myself.

    Its like having cancer.
    At first you think you're in Denial ,you're dreaming,things like this can't happen to you,It's like in the stories,it happens to others but not yourself.

    Then the other stages of anger,sadness..& finally acceptance comes in & you make peace with your new reality.

    I am Living.

    I shitpost ,I joke ..I've learned to live with myself .

    I have disregarded all the high expectations other had for me & have finally broken my chains.I do what I want now,what makes me happy.

    My passion projects & collaborating with like minded people give me the greatest pleasure now. It's strange how people who dont even know you are so much friendlier & more caring of you than people in your life.
    Puts things really into perspective.

    Have a great many ideas for the future ,as well as business plans.

    I'm not yet massively happy,but I have created the roadmap on getting there.

    & by God ,Satan or the flying spaghetti monster ,I will succeed.

    I wish everyone a happy fun time in their lives.

  • @us-poet Always happy to see other persons being happy.I hope you continue to have a good time.

  • @stranger_danger thank you. I've suffered depression recently, but I feel like it might finally be lifting. The end of what I might do is a bit of a sad subject, but if it's what's best then I'm going to do it.

  • @willoww I’m living life. I’ve gone through the surviving and I’m past that. Life’s not always easy but you can bet It won’t slow me down from living life to the fullest

  • @willoww I'd say that I am still in the middle of both the phases. Like there are couple of things that I want to do and a couple of things that I am doing currently, that I want to stop doing, cause I am just doing them for survival. But my life is great overall.

  • @Willoww

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    I do believe it is from this movie the quote. Correct me if I’m wrong

  • I survive cause I know that one day I will be able to live like everyone else

  • @willoww Surviving is living to the point that you are not dying but living is living your life to the fullest... not hiding in your room, just having fun, when you are old you get to tell many many stories about your youth that's living.

  • @rabbitboy I'm sure you will. Never give up hope, there's love for you out there.

  • @us-poet hope I have not lost but faith I might but hope I will not as there’s always a chance just a matter of throwing the stones eventually I’ll hit something that’ll take me far. Though same for you be it darkest times or grimmest moment light never truly fades

  • @stranger_danger - This seems much similar to what I have did..but the initial 8 years its a bit different....I used to dress up clean,speak humble,work my ass out but nothing made me happy but it seemed like I am the happiest person on earth to my family...But now I left my job, started farming, I wear whatever I want, I don't answer to anyone, I am happy but now I want to get rid of the people who advice.

  • @anup123 before my episode with depression
    ..I used to dress dapper,the best of clothers,the perfect attitude..I was the ideal obedient child for teachers to gush about & parents to show off at meetings..

    I used to work hard & got good grades ,but was never happy.

    Our situation seems so similar yet so different...like looking through a mirror darkly...

  • @rabbitboy WALL-E one of the highest rated animated movie by IMDB


    Are you surviving? Or are you living?

    Rn(right now) I'm at the stage of living life happily with my family. The surviving part comes later so imma be ready now!

  • I am living everyday.
    Right now its limited, as life proceeds, territories will expand!

  • @Willoww That's a very interesting topic you brought out Willow. We all undergo this dilemma about our life and we tend to justify our life either as living or surviving. We tend to project our life as SURVIVING if we find ourself out of our comfort zone and when everything goes as wished and planned, it's LIVING that we call.

    To me, LIVING and SURVIVING goes hand in hand. One can not survive without living and vice versa. Life has always been a struggle for living as well as survival. Right from the millions of sperms racing among each other, of which one lucky DUDE fights with all odds to give birth to a new life.... till the struggle of the last breathe that a person takes before resting in peace for eternity.

    Humans are blessed with emotions and expressions. Being one of the most intelligent species, we seek safety, stability and prosperity. So, we all are LIVING and we struggle to make our life better and happier. Not everyone is born rich (money, good food, family, love, care, so on). So, I won't say that the struggle is fair when it comes for LIVING. But, there are people among us who are not even born with luck, as if fate has decided to provide only hardship and unhappiness. People living in hostile environment with constant fear of death, those are the people who are actually struggling for SURVIVAL.

    So!! guess again.. what are you ? LIVING or SURVIVING.! coz for me.. I am LIVING a hell of an awesome life, with family, friends, TWS and readers like you guys.

  • @sammy hey ..i know that what i am typing is not related to your lines but i went through your profile and to be honest you are the first indian i saw here ....so i wish we could talk .if you dont mind to talk to an indian ..i am following you ...follow me back if you think we can talk

  • @nik-sub-blz - That's really good outlook which u have written over here. But As said by someone "Everyone is at war with themselves", and its the most hostile situation compared to the war zones where people fight to each other. Fighting our inner feelings is most difficult.fear of death is totally different.