• If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

  • @omgdanaliz I would go to Paris with my girlfriend and her Labradoodle

  • @cheesecake-lesb mostly bc It's the most romantic place on earth

  • I’d go to Earth, seems legit.

  • @omgdanaliz Maldives because I love warm places

  • @omgdanaliz anywhere warm

  • I'd go to Mississippi cause someone I love lives there.

  • Mmm, i don't know, i can't chose just one place, but i would like to go to India. I've seen loads of pictures of it and it just feels amazing.

  • Travelling all over Nepal is my dream becuz
    1)diverse nature
    2)8 of the world's 10 highest mountains are in Nepal
    3)7 world's heritage site lies in a single city Kathmandu
    4)birth place of lord buddha
    5)and rafting,there are many rivers which suits rafters
    6)and the hospitality of folks is fabulous

  • Switzerland

  • Arctic Circle near North Pole .

    Spending nights with your loved one under the dazzling Starry skies while rainbow color of Auroras dance over you.

    Winds whirl around ,whistling through the hills & trees .In a 100 km radius ,there is not a single human soul beside you.The Pine tree's covered with snow like wool. Owls hoot in the distance.Ginger colored Arctic foxes prance about.

    So lonely is this place ,yet so lively.

    & you sleep the night away under a transparent dome in full view of this Majestic Nature with your love in your arms ,a warm presence in the cold.

    ..2 hearts beat as one where no man treads.


  • @stanger_danger the sun don't set though in the north pole

  • @stanger_danger yeah it just goes around in a circle in the sky, pretty cool actually

  • I'd travel to some country with rich natural beauty.
    And developed nations as well...
    Um.. disney studios.. and i don't really remember where its located i've seen a museum which has everything about the harry potter series. I'd like to visit there too...
    Basically world tour Several times

  • @sammy You should all go to Barcelona it is amazing and beautiful and I miss it.

  • @Ugarinino yes surely visit Rothenburg on der Tauber it's the number one fairytale city in Germany or Quedlinburg

  • @Astatine I mean ob* not on sry

  • Ibiza. The perfect vacation spot in my opinion

  • @Jenny452 meh totally crowded and too hot for my taste also it's like the second Germany

  • Japan becuz i love anime and i would like to see what all is put into making one

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