• It’s summer and I’m seeing a lot of Instagram pictures about going to the beach and travelling to top destinations. Also, a month from now, my friends and I are going to Palawan for our summer vacation. I guess it’s time to work out to gain that great summer body! I saw an ad about this social dating tours suggesting about ways to gain a sexy body. But it will take me two months to do it. I want an instant approach for it. Can you guys give me one? Your responses are very much appreciated!

  • @escape2018 Hey man, it takes time for muscle to grow. I've been only working out for about 9 months now and it's tough trying to get a good boy. But don't just do it because you saw pictures on the internet. You should be doing it for you and because you want to. Keep training and dieting and you'll get there. Just need a lot of patience.

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