• I am a vegatarian...which means i do not eat meat or fish or anything which kill animals....but i am absolutely fine with milk and milk products and also honey.What do you guys think?Is it important for humans to consume meat or should we let animals live their lives considering we are intelligent creatures and understand love and bonds?

  • @whoisabhas ma man!
    alt text I also love cheese

  • @jimmy1708 so according to you a properly slaughtered human would also make it to your dinner plate.I guess you need to search for a new word rather than using" properly slaughtered".
    Humans have evolved since the days we relied on meat.
    Now that we can live without meat(yes we can) so i think animals deserve their free lives regardless of whether they are in plenty or are very nutritious(or tasty).

  • @jimmy1708 Also to add...
    God created meat eating animals to complete the foodchain and maintain population of all species...he did not create them to be intelligent.
    He created humans and gave them intelligence to be responsible for the care-taking of all animals not selecting the tastiest and eating them up.
    Anyways I thank you for your views and hope to see a better reply.

  • Are you kidding me..
    "Cheetahs,Lions, Crocs..... are not meant to be eaten"
    seriously bro?
    I dont undertstand your "meant to be eaten" or "not meant to be eaten" philosophy.
    Everybody deserves a life,nobody wants to die.
    If you think so, then me and group of people who decide that all people named "jimmy" are "meant to be eaten from now".Think about how you would feel.
    We humans have rational thinking and feel what other creatures might be feeling.This is not true about any other living thing on earth.Hence respecting others and their rights(to live) is a human trait, and we are slowly advancing away from it.
    Thanks for your interest in this topic, hope others join too.
    And upgrade your points...speak something more sensible.Like the teeth thing you said..

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    @whoisabhas I'm not a vegan but what i read convinced me that i should become one so i plan to do it in the future. If you wanna be vegan that is great

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    @whoisabhas sure dude. I wanna start out someway and there are many but i don't want to right now. The only reason being that i don't wanna put strain and rules on what my parents can give me, I'll start when I'm 18 or something

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    I love this interview(the guy with the blond hair is the one that created and first used the word meme in his 1976 book "The Selfish Gene"):

    EDIT:Oh shit i forgot that his head turned white lols. That's what happens when you get old, i mean the guy with the blue shirt

  • Well need an advice??......so
    U all guys thinks eating meat is a sin??...
    So now i can clarify the confusion..
    Well.....there r many carnivorous animals in the world who eats meats, e.g Tiger, lion, vulture??...so is they r intelligent like us??? Obviously no....
    So if eating meat is a sin, why god created such those meat eating animals??
    And another reason....Carnivorous animals & herbivorous animals have only one intestine to digest their food, for e.g. lion can only digest meat, cow can only digest grasses...
    But humans have two intestines, god created us all like this, and we can digest both meat and herbs...
    ......another proof, lions have sharpened teeth so that they can chew and eat meats, on tge other hand, goats/cows have flat teeths so that they can eat herbs.......But we humans have teeths like both, sharpened as well as flat....

    But at the end....i wanna say
    Dont be cruel to animals, they should only be eaten if they r properly slaughtered, take care of them, dont hurt them, keep them good and clean, and finally thank to god that he gave u meat so that u can eat......just like u have seen in avatar(blue humans) movie in which they hunts animals, then they thanked to god, and respects hunted animal then eats.....
    Good bye, have fun...hope u understood

  • @whoisabhas lol....okay good luck, have fun discovering, i have many proofs but they r all linked to my religion, and i dont wanna open my religious thing here..
    And English is not my first language, so i dont care about my fucking english lol when i make mistakes, but still i can speak english good enough, its not my language at all, still i learned it and speaking it .... :) ^_^
    And i wanna learn french too..

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    @whoisabhas what did you expect? Ofcourse that guy wouldn't make sense, he's religious

  • @thestrangest You can start of with my way of eating as i mentioned earlier...its easier(i just love cheese) spread the message!

  • So i m both, i eat both....i eat herbs/vegetables and i eats meats too, but i only eat those grass eating animals if they r properly slaughtered...

  • @whoisabhas have u ever saw anyone eating lions, tigers, vultures, cats,leopards, cheetahs,crocodiles, alligators,etc...they dont meant to get eaten,
    U only saw deers, buffalos, zebras,etc to be eaten
    Some things r set by god, u cant change it,
    And about humans? Humans r the most beautiful and intelligent creature made by god, and they r not for to get eaten either..

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