• I’m not the best cook in the world but I do have the pickiest eater for a girlfriend. I can’t really say that she’s a food snob but she grew up in a family of good cooks so she really has high standards. I wanted to surprise her with her favourite tamale. She’s from Mexico and we met in a singles latin tour that we both attended. My problem is that she’s vegan and I don’t see that much vegan tamale recipe online. Can any of you send me some good recipe I can follow easily? This would mean a lot. Thanks guys!

  • @travis42 I would say follow any normal recipe but substitute lard with vegetable shortening. You could use pretty much anything for the filling like chickpeas, vegetables, vegan cheese, or artificial meat. My mom makes vegan tamales every christmas

  • @travis42 Forget a recipe, here's what you do: Go to a store or restaurant and buy some tamales. Unwrap the tamales. Then, take a knife, or a fork, or even a spoon, and scrape out all the meat. Wrap them back up, and you're good to go. Totally vegan.

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