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  • Conversation Starter: If your existence gives you the potential to make a big positive impact if you gain power, is it immoral to not seek power?

  • No, I don't think it necessarily is. Morality is relative from person to person, so in theory if a person valued doing good in the world, it would be moral to pursue that power. However, abstinence from doing good isn't necessarily immoral to many people. Is it immoral that I don't go volunteer in my spare time instead of studying? Not necessarily. I just choose to study instead. A person may choose to, instead of looking for power, settle down with a cabin in the woods and never be any worse for it.

  • @Curiosity-Driven Just a personal opinion: I believe it's human nature to strive to achieve, and in doing so, if one encounters a moral dilemma along the path it would be situationally dependent as to what course of action one would take. One would have to weigh the option, immorality vs. positive impact, and it would be a loss whichever would eventually be selected. The question posited reminds me of the old: Would you sell your soul to the Devil, for...? question

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