I've always wanted to play with double meaning so I did with "Heroin(e)"

  • Freedom Writers

    To me you will always be my heroine.
    You've woken up something within.
    You came in to save me, the way no one else could.
    It's like my heart let out a signal that would,
    summon you into my life, and set myself free,
    from this cage of emotions, that I couldn't even see.
    You've also become, much like the drug.
    You're presence is so pleasant, the only thing I want is a hug.
    I've become addicted to you, without you I feel a drain,
    and sometimes it's almost like I'm going insane.
    But then you appear, just like the hero that you are,
    to guide my path, that will take me far.
    All the storms and bad weather, won't stand a chance,
    there's you in this world, and you've made your stance.
    This world needs you in it, everyone would be better,
    if they could just meet you once, there souls too would write letters.
    You're an inspiration to all, and I feel you could end hate.
    You're too kind to let down, and you've taught me about fate.
    Our 2 paths are intertwined for all of time,
    but that's just perfect for me, it makes life sublime.
    You make a difference in people's lives, and everyone knows it,
    there's only one thing I'd like to ask of you, and that's don't ever quit.

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    This was so unique and intelligent. WOWWW 0_1518975448788_giphy (25).gif

  • Freedom Writers

    @sup I live for the woahs and wows.

  • @us-poet ill give another wow. just curious, whats your favorite word? is it even possible for someone who uses a lot of words to create what he does to have a favorite?

  • This reminds me of the song
    I Cant Feel My Face-The Weeknd
    There was a controversy whether it was about girls or drugs.
    And if you wrote that yourself...kudos to you man.

  • Freedom Writers

    @whoisabhas everything of mine is original.

  • Freedom Writers

    @khai I have a favorite type of word to rhyme with and that's words with the suffix tion.

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