You've shown me destiny

  • Freedom Writers

    Before you I didn't believe in anything,
    now that's kinda off putting,
    because I finally found my destiny.
    I didn't know there was such a thing,
    but you bring,
    me to a new reality,
    of possibility,
    and open up my originality,
    because you're the one meant for me,
    and I'm the one meant for you,
    and our pull,
    is to the other,
    as we covet to be together,
    and strive for the better.
    For the first time I finally feel complete,
    that I'm just so glad we had the chance to meet,
    because you'll always have a seat,
    next to me.
    Your lows are mine,
    so I'll always help you shine,
    and as you rise,
    I will too and I realize,
    that with you my life is great,
    with you I finally believe in fate,
    because two beings like us,
    were always meant to be together.
    A meeting like ours wasn't chance,
    there was some outward attraction,
    that pulled and pushed,
    until we finally crossed paths,
    and I wasn't sure how to act,
    at first,
    but the steps came to me,
    as we started to see,
    how our similarities,
    were many,
    and instead of differences,
    you just feel like a counterpart,
    someone for me to catch when you're getting that frown,
    so I'll drown,
    those woes,
    as I put a crown,
    upon your head with my emotional support,
    just to show you your real worth.
    You tell me all the time you're lucky,
    but I'm the one who knows,
    that we're both in the throws,
    of something that grows,
    as we've felt the attraction of the future,
    and our present is clear,
    you're the only one I want to be near,
    and hold in my arms till the setting sun,
    because our paths have always been connected,
    but the universe finally let us visualize,
    our one true prize,
    and that's our union,
    that will be something that always goes on.

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