• I’ve been in a long distance relationship with Anastasia for 5 months now… we met through

    an online matchmaking site. Things have been going well and in the span of 5 months,

    we pretty much know what we need to know about each other, to be honest,

    I think we already know too much. So, we agreed that it would be great to finally meet...

    Now that it’s settled that we would meet, Anastasia will be coming to Arizona and spend

    the valentine’s weeks with me. 2 whole weeks, I wonder if it’ll be enough.

    I am really excited and I’ve been counting the days! But I need advice!!!

    I want Anastasia to have fun and like this place… especially since, if things go well between us,

    I plan to marry her and I want her to move and live here with me.

    Any advice or tips to make her enjoy the 2 weeks with me in Arizona?

    I really want things to go for the best. Help!

  • make the two weeks u will have together as romantic as possible dont just sit around doing nothing go out for fancy dinner get her flowers anything that will show her u truly love her and want to be with her

  • Ya shouldn't just spend as much time with her on dates and the such, gift her flowers and jewelery as well but don't go overboard or ya might make her feel indebted ta ya and also sometimes the best way to show her yer affection is to just sleep together at home cuddeling and watching movies, ya gotta balance out between fancy dates and gifts and just generally hanging about at home and having fun or else ya might set the bar too high for future dates and make her feel like ya aren't interested in her anymore every time ya don't do stuff that is overly romantic or be as perfect as ya were during those two weeks on valentine

  • How do you guys manage to fall for an ad just like that. Look at the text, the spacing, the account age. Come on, turn on your thinking when reading.

  • Lol, i guess i never pay attention ta that sort of thing, well ma advice still stands ta anyone in that situation