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    Okay so you can meet only 5 people of tws for a day, who would you meet and whyyyyyy?
    I'd meet

    1. @MinM-MC-Rick , because why wouldn't i wanna meet him? :)
    2. @RAGNAR , cos hes just like realllllly cool plus hes ma broooo
    3. @Willoww , shes just the coolest person alive
    4. @sup , hes really funny and it'd be awesome to meet him
    5. @Black_Beetle , even though i dont really know her she also seems realllly cool
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    1. @Emilyyyyyy - You are cute and adorable and sweet and non-single and what not.I'd love to meet you someday.
    2. @Lucifer_ or @football_m29 or @jynextremist - These three because they have the best answers and I assume they will be nice to talk with, in person.
    3. @Bompies - He was one of my first friends here and he s funny. Also, he wants a girlfriend so HitHimUp
    4. @TheGoddess - She was a good friend until it all messed up but id like to meet her anyways
    5. @SpecificBooch - This is the guy behind my super-cool cover picture and he is a very good friend. So we'll meet someday and play football together, the goal of my life lol
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    @emilyyyyyy my list is as follows :
    @Depressed-Salad - coz she is my first follower and my first friend on tws and my best friend .
    @Laura-Anderson - coz she is my best friend and is always there for me .
    @Sofie - coz she is very cool and her music taste is similar as mine .
    @Lucifer_ - coz he is the best mod and he always helps me out .
    @sologeek - coz he has always been a true friend and is very inspirational .
    And many more people , but you just asked for 5 😊
    Duhhhh I m dying to meet 2 more people :
    @silentcutie - coz she was a very good friend of mine but she left the site .
    @khai - coz she is a true friend and we both love taylor swift and she is also a singer like me .

  • @emilyyyyyy I'd like to meet :-

    1. @Lucifer_ :- why won't i meet the person who gives the most awesome relationship advices?? Also, this guy is one of my best friends, and prolly hates my ex more than I do! xD

    2. @zoobie :- well, he's one of the most mature people I've ever met, I guess i don't need to say anything more.

    3. @cutie-cat :- she's the most awesome girl i met. I just love to talk to her!

    4. @Willoww :- I'd just love to meet my favourite sister! Love ya!

    5. @RAGNAR :- This guy is just awesome! The best brother one could ever wish for!! Love ya!

    6. @jynextremist :- Uzair, I am still angry you didn't take my name in this post :P but I'd love to meet you, Ullu xD

    7. @Black_Beetle :- she's one of the sweetest people i met here! I wanna meet her.

    So yeah, that's all bitches!

  • @emilyyyyyy
    @Laura-Anderson the best person i ever know. She is so sweet and too good to be true.
    @RAGNAR well this mofo is my brother and we have to kick eachother ass so i have to do my job
    @Lucifer_ you know how much i hate you lucifer. He is very sensible person who can annoy any one at any time.
    @Willoww i have to attend her wedding :p. And i have to learn how to capture shots for insta too.
    @tehkotak she is very adventurous person. I'll be visiting kim jong un for some nuke deal.
    @ИOЯ monica i really wanna be there with your so i can kick your ass in real life
    @Dark-Flower well you should come and visit me so you can kick someones ass too :p
    @LazyPotat well i wanna visit that country of yours as it is very stunning and have marvelous views and eye-catching sights
    @Thalez_Al i want to meet you man there is lot of things you have seen
    @Mrgiant-head he's very informative and very good person to talk. You'll never see more sensible person than him
    @Sammy you are good person too. So it will be worth visiting you

  • @jynextremist can you please go to hell?

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    1. @emilyyyyyy yes i would like to say the same thing as you said(even though i dont really know her she also seems realllly cool).
    2. @Willoww She's a coolest person i ever seen and yes! she's my brother's girlfriend!
    3. @RAGNAR This guys is my brother from another mother!
    4. @Lucifer_ He's such a coolest person alive.
    5. @KorgLife17 where the hell are you? We missed you a lot! Team Red can't get full filled without you....(he's such an awesome person here).
    6. @football_m29 he is my coolest friend ever(cff)!
    7. @Laura-Anderson I get mesmerized by her singing talent! I love ittttt 😍

    I really wanna meet you guys!...Hoping for the best!
    group of

  • I'd meet
    @RAGNAR- beacause he's really interesting
    @lucifer-morningstar- because i find him mysterious and interesting
    @Black_Beetle- because she's really cool 😎
    @willow- again very much cool and intresting
    @football_m29- because he's cool and a good friend.
    Also @zoobie because he's a good friend.

  • Freedom Writers

    On the real, I had to think about this for a few days.
    Instead of five, I'm going to choose one.
    (Because I can't conform to rules of these types of posts oops)
    I would meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet @Black_Beetle because I love my big sister.
    I fr might have to cop a aeroplane ticket to India when she gets married.
    But yeah, that's the one person I'd probably actually meet, aaaand...
    everyone else ties for second place lmao
    Whoever reads this, have a GREAT day :)
    -Saphy xx

  • @jynextremist @tehkotak @Zazzles going to a kpop concert and that too without me??? 0_0 didn't expect THIS KIND OF BETRAYAL.

    goes to a corner and cries

  • Movie Buff Music Lovers Gamers

    @emilyyyyyy Awwwwwwww!!! Thanks for the mention babes!!!!!
    you are the best

  • @jynextremist duh, she sings better than me!

  • @Willoww : well well well i have every reason to meet this bishh! And imma do it someday! In fact soon enough! And its must lol

    @football_m29 : bish we need to meet irl, tho u big tall bish, im like kalvin hart and you like dwyne lmao! I count you as my bloody bro bish!

    @Black_Beetle: well we made a promise when you get married i need to see them indian traditions n shit so yeah!! And she is the best patner in crime ever!! Realest friend of all time

    @sologeek holy crap! Bish why da hell you number 4 on da list?? Damnit!! Btw this is like my blood bro too....i get in trouble and he helps me alot! Love you man no homo!!

    @Emilyyyyyy love you so muchhh lil sis!! Yall need to knw that emily is the bestest lil sis alive! She is the besttt! Swear to God she is!!

    @cutie-cat yeah i knw for one reason or another you didnt mention my name, but you will always be my bff!! You da best!

    @zoobie mofo you like my twin! Partner in crime! We could fight in real world as sibling but when i see anybody tryna say some bd words to you... swear to god imma chop his head off!!

    @Laura-Anderson bish tell me one reason why dont i wanna meet you? Huh? Tell me? No reason!! Cuz you da best bish in the world and best sis in the world!! Could annoy you af irl i swear lmao

    @Lucifer_ mofo we have alot to talk irl! I need some updates bout hell! Newcomers n shit! Lmao! You ma man bruh!! Intelligent mofo in the world!

    @Sammy when you ever look at some one real, someone who cares, some one who knws how to trat err body then sammy issa good choice! You wont regret! Tell me a reason why shouldnt i meet you?

    @tehkotak so she is indonesian, she is not talkativ me but she cares. And yeah she is master peace! Best in lurking! Wish to meet you someday buddy!!

    @Adyyan he my bro! He is one of realest friends ever! He been there for me err day!! But he aint online for couple days but still he da best!

    @KorgLife17 people been confusin this dude with @football_m29 , the fact is this dude is dope! And michelle is dope too! This dude is the most coolest mofo i the world!! Yeah bish we neet to meet someday!

    @TalkWithStranger yeah yeah dude you da best! Took me 6 months in yo website!! I like it! I like your ideas! I need to meet you somedays mybe imma start my new blog too lmao!

    Looks like im outta list!.. but i believe there is many moree!
    clears throat anyone have some water please?

    drop mic

  • @black_beetle you are an awesome friend 0_1518838389258_40241C21-3B57-4F9B-B3B8-F4AB48B7FC0D.gif

  • @zoobie and @ragnar thanks for mentioning my name.. hope can meet you too guys 😊

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    @laura-anderson you have mentioned the wrong lucifer , there should be a dash like this _ after the word lucifer to make it @Lucifer_ , the lucifer you have mentioned is banned

  • @cutie-cat Done!! Thanks bff!!

  • Music Lovers

    @laura-anderson yasss sista yassssss πŸ’š

    hugs g

  • @laura-anderson Just tell me the time and date..
    I'll happily drag him there!

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