• I don't want die and want to live forever.

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    sure, me too but none can do that :(

  • @girlnextdoor I know one medicine that can stop ageing and make you escape death...but i forgot the name if the medicine!

  • @atharva find that name and let me know

  • Solution: Be Immortal

    • Possible? (Lmao) NOPE.

    • But you can be a dreamer.

  • I have an alternative solution called being happy, with no mental stress, no tension etc.
    Stay happy = live Long happily (but you can't escape from death) 😅

  • Living forever would be extreme. Okay let's say we ignore all of the bad things that old age comes with like mental illnesses, aches, pains and so on. Firstly imagine those 20 years that you've lived on this planet. Multiply that by 50. Now you're 1000 years old but lets say always looked like 20( even though that being 1000 years old would be pretty much impossible because bad people and shit). Would your relatives also be as old as you are? Can you live to see generations of your family just die? That shit would be depressing. Okay now lets assume that everyone is 1000 years old. You've had enough time to explore the whole of earth and have a sh*t load of money. Inter-galactic moving wouldn't be a problem since you can live for forever. Now you can explore the whole universe. Is it worth though? Traveling at light-speed it would take you 100,000 years to go across the milky way. As much as we know there ain't that much life. Wouldn't you feel a sense of uselessness? Don't you find it useless to live for so long? You would have to live these 20 years you've lived so far another 5000 times just to leave our tiny Milky Way. Living forever also begs the question what's life's purpose. You already asked about that in another post so I'm going into that. I don't see any sane or insane person living 100000 years in order to MAYBE realise what's life's purpose.

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  • @girlnextdoor i know im super late on this but just gather the dragon balls

  • @darren-r nice one dude

  • love is nothing but secretion of chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressine in body by hypothalamus while u r attarcted to someone. don't take it seriously love is just a weakness for human.

  • every god died so not gona happen

  • @GirlNextDoor yes . you have to beat him in a game of Twister :)

  • Cryogenics

  • Solution = live happily
    Cant escape death

  • @GirlNextDoor In many ways you are already dead. Asking to escape death is the same thing as asking to escape life. Death is the prerequisite for life. Without death, all living things would go on forever, and nothing new would ever grow, because all the minerals and nutrients in living things would never be recycled. No flower buds, no springtime. Without death, birth is impossible. Every moment of life is in constant flux, we are constantly shedding dead cells and rebuilding new ones. Your body is less of an object and more like a wave of life passing through the world, growing and dying simultaneously. In this way you are always every moment becoming a new you, a new person. Every millisecond of a millisecond another past you dies, and good riddance, for who in the right mind would ever wish to remain the same forever? The assumption that immortality would be better has been rebuffed by nearly every philosopher throughout our entire history. Just think of having to live through losing everyone you know and everyone you will know. If you were immortal, you would be the loneliest creature in the universe, waving goodbye at everything, for everything must come to an end, except you. You would live through the destruction of the human species, the implosion of our sun and the destruction of the earth, the destruction of the solar system. You would live through the heat death of the universe, a no energy state where nothing is. And yet you would go on, stuck in an endless void with nothing to keep you company, for all of eternity. This is perhaps what christians might refer to as hell. Much much better to embrace our birthright, the promise that one day we truly all will get our rest. Reunited with the earth in all its majesty, fulfilling the destiny of all of humanity. This is the real immortality. You yourself, the person with the name and job, you will not live on. But everything that composes you will. Everything that constructs your miraculous makeup will live on in the grass, in the trees, in the animals, and for a while in the minds of the people. I doubt you fear the millions and millions of years before you were born. Why fear the millions after?

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    @GirlNextDoor Yes there is a way but don't expect it to be revealed here in public platform. Contact www.sirastrologer.com