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    What is the worst way to apologize? Do you have any experience of horrible apologies?

  • @RussianBlue I believe the worst way to apologize is to only say the words, without actually meaning them.

  • @RussianBlue On a related note: I can't stand how some these days say "Sorry, not sorry." That bothers me

  • @RussianBlue I'm a big one for wanting to talk things through, i had a partner for years who after bad behaviour would say the word sorry and when i tried to continue the conversation in order to resolve things and put them to bed would go apocalyptic because after her 24/48 bitchfest that one word should suffice to placate me. I found that pretty awful and also frustrating that she genuinely believed i was being an asshole (well hindsight offers more clarity, i now believe she just didn't give a fuck and shot me down in flames to avoid talking)

  • Soul Searchers

    I think the worst apologies are when they make it seem like it's your fault or lead with "I'm sorry but..." its very disrespectful and people shouldn't even try if they don't mean it!

  • Soul Searchers

    @Scottish I'm sorry to hear that man! I just recently ended a long term relationship like that and I'm glad you were able to come to that realization yourself but it's true... Nobody deserves to be pushed to the side with a small little "sorry" when your feelings/opinions are treated like trash. The entire point of a relationship is to share your problems and work through them together but if they don't ever take you seriously.. Then you can never improve and the only course of action, is to leave as soon as possible, if not faster lol...

  • @Scottish 24/48 hour that should be

  • @RussianBlue I easily forgive people in my life.So a simple "sorry" or apology is enough for me but i never forget and behave accordingly with them so as not to get into trouble in future.

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