What is the WORST story you have about your MIL?

  • My niece is AMAZING! she's a cute adorkable 15 year old book worm. My husband and I pick her up every weekend (we have no kids of our own so we do all the fun kid stuff with her)

    My Mother in law said "Don't pick her up anymore because I hate her! shes not REAL family anyway" because my niece was adopted. since the day my MIL met her she has hated her but when other people are around shes like "My granddaughter this and that" my husband gets so angry with his mother about it and its caused arguments. How can you hate a child? anyway VENT ABOUT YOUR IN-LAWS!

  • @unluckeyducky . My cousin sistr too adopt baby girl. And thy like too much her. And I too love tht baby child. I think old people think like tht as ur mother in law. But gradually tht hateness will be removed.and u cheers as baby will grow.