• So my boyfriend and me hung out with a group of people a while ago nd then they made a plan for box cricket and invited only my boyfriend and not me whereas we became friends with them as a team and My boyfriend didn't feel offended that they didn't invite me until I point it out to him and upon being confronted he said he reacted that way bezz he somehow knew in thr back of his head that it may just be a boy's night but he literally wasnt sure of that fact still he didn't feel offended in the fact that they all invited him and not me nd he is saying my reaction or the need to fight with him abt it was wrong now someone tell me who is right in this situation me or my boyfriend

  • Personally I think your in the right, your bf should have at least question them instead of assuming it was a boys night

  • Ask yourself - is it worth arguing over? Make your feels known and ask to be invited next time, then accept it and move on. No use arguing and dragging it out, that will just hurt both of you even more.

    I’m sure there was no intention to hurt you, those who invited him probably just wanted a boys trip, he may not have realised it was this important to you.

    Also it is important for guys to hang out without their partners there, and same for girls to hang out without any guys around.

    I think it’s understandable that you’re hurt, but don’t see either one of you as right or wrong personally.

    It’s not how you feel that determines if someone’s in the wrong, but how the person that’s feeling them reacts to those emotions.

    That’s my view on it anyway. :)