• When it comes to relationships, so many factors are taken into consideration. Length of relationship, intensity, is it problematic, situations that resulted in heated arguments that went unresolved. All these issues, whether good or bad, are what birth a healthy or unhealthy relationship.
    My question for you is, from an outsider looking in on a unhealthy relationship after making the couple aware of the toxicity of the relationship. They still continue to be together, in which they are still awful towards one another. How do you tell them that this needs to end before to much time is invested and precious memories undiscovered with potential mates?
    They want to make the relationship repairable but they have exhausted all materials needed to mend the weakened foundation. Walls have started to crumble, paint chipping and windows broken. To many devastating and untraceable amounts of pure destruction course through the very walls of what once was a mansion of strong support, loving care and endless laughter.
    Seeing the repairs increase and the upkeep soon becoming to much. How do you destruct what was once something so immaculate into dirt and dust?
    Is it salvageable? Is the price of refurbishing something that is inevitably questionable with no known outcome the right thing to do? How does one pick themselves up after putting so much expectancy and effort into something that ended in such a terrible loss?