Who would like to become a moderator to control TalkwithStranger ?

  • Sounds fun sign me up

  • kek4mod 😉

  • im online every day sometimes in the night to aand i meet fakes pron website spambots and pedo's and i would really lile to help to clean this app and make it safe for young younger users 2

  • I would like to be a mod. I live in Georgia, and I'm on almost everyday and all day, especially on the weekends.

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    @precious-pastel why was this user banned?

  • @talkwithstranger she wanted to leave this site for a while and requested me to ban her. Her friend has made an account on here and when she wants her account back she will send me a personal message.

  • @hotguy0
    You were here before, im not dumb, you cant fool me.
    And there are always second chances, so its either you saying who you are, or i do it for you.

  • @kek
    So when can i be mod

  • @kek you have the right to remain silent

  • @talkwithstranger you have forgotten that he has already committed with one of his threats(releasing @Depressed-Salad 's private info) and instead of blocking him you unblock one of his accounts. 10/10 respect of people privacy and moderation(I'm being sarcastic). Get him off this site through any means possible or at least give me a reason for why his fake accounts and this @Kek account got unblocked by @jamjam, he used that account to abuse his powers as mod and got blocked, unblocked, blocked and now unblocked by @jamjam, what is @jamjam too scared because he's being blackmailed by kek so he unblocked kek's abusive account and fake accounts? Do a good job and get all of kek's accounts blocked and make sure he doesn't come back because allowing his existence by itself is disregard of that he has already broken @TalkWithStranger policy and is threatening to do it again. GET HIM OFF FOREVER

  • @jamjam sure dude. What about the fake accounts. Didn't you unblock them?

  • @jamjam then are you suggesting that HE DOESN'T HAVE PRIVATE INFO THAT HE TOLD YOU HE'S GONNA LEAK. Oh wow, how do i know you're not just getting blackmailed

  • @jamjam

    Ok. And did he threaten you with releasing that or is that also not true(I know that it's true). I don't really trust you by the way. If you didn't unblock them and it's someone else then stop wasting time and block all his accounts, got it?

  • @jamjam got it?

  • @jamjam k. No you're not mistaken. Now block him

  • @jamjam and all his accounts

  • @jamjam and if you are a coward and you're too afraid to do it. Then give me one f×£@ing reason why you think he shouldn't be blocked, is there anything that someone xan do to get blocked that he hasn't done millions of times?

  • @jamjam you are a stupid
    coward. You are like the corrupt politician who niether works himself nor lets other do their
    work. You have tried to demod ragnar(i and he took down 7 of kek's fakes) and other mods and keep interfering with
    vrindas good work, she banned 3 of kek's accounts including [email protected] one.
    but someone i.e. jammie unbanned them. also everytime she warns a spammer you stop her because spammers are your friends.
    KEK is going to try to demod vrinda(he said so himself) and if there is a hearing jammie will vote against her. These are the basic terms you agree to when you install a VPN.
    they may vary slightly for every company but crux remains the same, i can quote them if you want.

    if KEK keeps behaving like he does or carries out any of the threats it would amount to cybercrimes.
    VPN terms and conditions will be violated and they will give up his iplogs, email address, payment information to the cops.
    Cops vis a vis courts will send to notice to TalkwithStranger admins and they will be bound by law to release every shred of info they have on him. KEK will be prosecuted and will go to jail along with his " hacker friend". If jamjam continues to help him he will be tried as an accomplice he
    may play the being blackmailed card but there will be some consequences.

    So basically you can walk into any police station with screenshots and KEK will go to jail.

    he is under 18 so he will be tried as a juvenile but he still goes away for a long time wasting the rest of his shitty life. Simplest solution is that you should block all his accounts for now and when we spot new accounts he made we'l tell you or other mods

  • @jamjam said in Who would like to become a moderator to control TalkwithStranger:

    @alwaysstranger How many times do i have to say that i didn't unban them. I never tried to demod ragnar, i said something bad he did, i never said i wanted him unmodded as a consequence. You just keep assuming stuff about me, which i don't really appreciate.

    Ok. im glad that you're saying that it isn't true

    Kek's plans will most likely not work and i wouldn't vote against vrinda if something were to happen, another assumption that i don't find very nice of you.

    ok dudz

    I won't deny i was a little ehh about her being modded in the beginning, because in my opinion she seemed a tad too emotional and i feared she was not gonna be the best fit, but i think so far she's done a good job as a mod. It's also funny that i am considered a corrupt politician who doesn't work? I'm pretty sure that atm i'm the most active mod. I just would've rather solved this in a less violent way, because at the end day, he's just another guy behind a screen. Maybe that was a bit too positive thinking of me, since everyone is standing with their pitchforks ready.


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    @alwaysstranger Hey... Just to clarify, Jam jam isn't helping any bad user on the site or he is not helping Kek. Jam is right about the VPN thing. We have inboxed you.

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