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    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the social community.

    We are happy to help you guys to create a platform where you can make friends and share knowledge among each other.

    Here are some guidelines for you to get started:

    • Try to discuss useful topics, questions/answers and help each other, getting upvotes is the only way to boost your reputation.

    • Good reputation means you will have higher chances to become active moderators of our community, which means you will have more special control over the rest of the users, and you will have access to the hidden features of our platform. 🙂

    • We will also put the pictures and names of the best and highest posting users on our official wall of fame ^_^

    • Try to create your complete profiles including writing a short bio about yourself, your location, interests, pictures etc. If you are not getting inbox replies from other users, one reason is that you have an incomplete profile.

    • Please respect each other.

    • If you have any feature request, problem or idea or suggestions, we are always listening and happy to support you. Please send all your queries to this account:

    • This is the official verified account for TalkWithStranger.

    Bye for now!
    We hope you will have awesome online chatting experience.

    Your Friends,

  • @TalkWithStranger Request you to empower somebody responsible to ban the one who creates or posts inappropriate messages here..

  • @sarah haha seems like u got a chance.?
    Whoever it is, should be sensible and mature enough to deal the issue.

  • @neo i think they will select the moderators those users who have the highest reputation... i guess.

  • @sarah btw guys dont u think with great powers, comes great resposibilities. hope i'm right on that note.

  • @neo Oh thats fun fun fun to play with powers😉

  • Music Lovers

    @neo We will definitely select some moderators from users but we are yet to find people who have the highest reputation and are very active on the platform.

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