• @AXES You can interprete from 3 things. First, in most cases, the surroundings your brain fabricates in a dream isn't all that accurate especially for those places you've been in though not long enough. There's always those extra features you'll observe in your vision when one's dreaming and when you wake up and reflect about it immediately, you'll observe a substantial dissimilarity. So always try to contemplate about it when you wake. Secondly, the environment in a dream in many times dim as compared to that of attested vision since at this point your eyes are shut, but the mind is still able to recall most of your actual vision, stitch some memories and create that atmosphere of interconnection with those you've been with before and not. Am not sayin it always this way but sometimes your mind still able to paint picture of those disturbing lights somewhere somehow. I'll conclude with pain test, my favorite 🤣🤣🤣. Try to inflict a controlled amount of pain to some part of your body, this will let you find out if you wake or still dreaming. Also, if you from a scary dream, you'll realise an elevated heart beat in addition to some short time headache. You'll also hear some weird piercing sound around your ears increasing and decreasing depending on your heart beat. Am sayin all this from my experience.

  • @Cold-Sun Cold , yeah you right. But weird thing is, I heard, you cannot read or readout numbers in your dream.. I do all the time.. and sometimes, the writing and such are in different language.. I try my best to remember the symbols of the writing, and when I wake up , I write it down and look it up. I wonder so often, where was I? I also, and have done this so many times, write music in my dreams.. all the different parts too. and yes, no radio or music on while I sleep. talked to doctors about it, and they say, some people do work in their dreams, and get no rest.. yeah. called insomnia for me.

  • @AXES I think for your case, you spend a lot of time in the musical environment so that is just like any other ordinary dream, except that it's just motivating you to proceed with your career. See, when you listen to an electronic guitar playing for a long time, chances are high you going to dream about it even in an environment you've never been before or someone else playing it but the rythm is different. This could result from overworking your mind especially when you composing sth new. Now as you know, the brain is a strong organ and keeps functioning even when one is asleep so the mind is still able to compose sth say now you're singing to that beat. The unfortunate bit of it is you won't be able to recall all you were singing when you wake up.

  • @AXES I am in LOVE with most of your topics Axes and thats def not a dream!

  • @a-lost-girl Lost Girl, you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!

  • @AXES what ever I can see it exist,what ever exist i can see.. there's a book called the doors of perceptions from aldous huxley, tell tale brain from Dr shantharam go through if you guys have Time, may be you guys will know little more in depth knowledge of dream and reality i guess??

  • Dreams come reality.But you have to do that.If u can dream u can't do it, coz ur mind is everything.

    "Dreams without goals, are just dreams."

  • @AXES
    I often wonder if the daydreams and dreams we have (that seem to bring about strong emotions) and our random intense moods are just us getting glimpses into our other selves in different dimensions. I also wonder if when one of our selves dies if all our living selves absorb that life energy and progress either spiritually, mentally, or add to the strife from dying without learning the lesson intended.