• You and me are like the dreamer, who dreams up dreams and lives inside those dreams. But which one of us is the dreamer?

    I am beginning to believe that physical reality is an illusion. What are your thoughts?

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    well, that sure is deep, but i personally dont beleive that. i dont beleive the human mind is complex enough to imagine stuff like this. and wouldnt there be some strange things like unicorns if we were?

  • @Itz_me_betty the human mind is what creates our entire reality. Everything you know, and could possibly know, occurs within your mind. And no because unicorns were created by people, and people were created by the dreamer. So in a sense you are right, but replace the beautiful creature of unicorns with beautiful creatures like monkeys, horses etc, and it is not all that different.

    One reason I believe we might be in a dream, is the inability for science to understand the link between physical matter and mental matter. We know mental matter exists, because we experience our thoughts right? In fact, everything we experience is mental matter. We do not know, however, that physical matter exists, because observing it can only take place within the mind

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    Another thought, maybe, we are not living in our Dreams, but someone elses. We live, eat and exist, all in another person's dream. So, when they wake up, we are to be re-integrated into another dreamers reality. Wow, how wonderful and sad at the same time. All those memories, lost like a trail of footprints in a snow storm, that fades away from the new snow.

  • Life is real. Dream is somewhat imaginery thing that has no realistic existence, just comes in mind. But the presence of mind is the prove of life. Infact it is life wich provide space for dreaming. To dream something it is necessary to be the presence of life.

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