• Ok. I know the video title might be a bit pretentious, but, give it a try. it might enlighten you to some aspect of modern society often overlooked. We, as a species, are becoming more intelligent by the year.

  • So you are into human-human relationship? 🤔 this is a great video btw. Thanks for sharing.
    Btw BG, did you feel a little bit disappointed when this video elaborate that television made us to be "Naive"?

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    There is no God, and it was proven by physicist for decades already,
    However there is this force trying to manipulate humanity into knowing there is a God named Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah ,Etc.
    And this force will do anything to make people believe there is a perfect Ultimate God.

  • @Thales_BG god is.a.human construct.and.concept, I'm guessing originally born out of awe for nature and the cosmos and our human obsession with needing meaning and answers. But then was subverted amd exploited by nasty bastards for.power, wealth and control. I'm surprised it is still.a.thing.

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    This post is deleted!
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    @Scottish It's still a thing because there are still these "force" trying to manipulate in their everyday life. If these "force" never existed, all humanity would be atheist by now

  • @TagC word brother, spot on, the forces of manipulation and control. You're right, otherwise atheism would be much more prevalent

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    @Scottish thanks man, appreciate it, I just wanna share the harsh truth to everyone. Many scientist, atheists, religious apologist will deny my statement, but this is exactly what's happening right now from the way I see it and other conspiracy theorist see it as well.

  • @TagC couldn't agree more Tag, you don't need to be a conspiracy theorist (although o am one), it's quite self evident and apparent