• Me and her have been friends for 8 years now, I've had feelings for her and I've told her how I felt but at the time she had a gf in a different state. I was okay with it, she's my best friend for ages and I'll do my job and support her and make sure she's healthy and happy no matter the cost. But they broke up this month and she's just been more affectionate and emotional towards me ( I don't mind it one bit). I still want to be with her, the feelings haven't left and for some reason I can just never seem to get rid of them. But she's asked if we can cuddle and watch movies, go on little dates, texts me more often. And it just pulls me back in if that makes sense. She's been there at my worst as I have for her and this is the strongest relationship I've ever had. I guess I just need advice or support. Either or. If you have any questions just lmk. Thanks for reading if you did, guess I just needed to let this out somewhere

  • I can offer my opinion. You can't really be open to finding someone who is 100% focused on you if you are not open to receive it with both hands, so to speak. One of your hands is still holding onto her and it sounds like she is running back to you for emotional and physical comfort, but is she going to rip that away again after she heals and finds a new person she gets excited about? In my opinion, it might be time to address the issue at hand for your own well-being.

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    Okay not gonna lie that made laugh thanks

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    Don't expect a lesbian to take your corn-beef torpedo.

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    Thanks for the advice, I really do appreciate it.

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    @Exho Real talk dude. Switch menuimages (10)_1.jpeg

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